2018 Pre Season Discussion


My observation too, the LID is OFF.

He will like a new recruit for us.


So when are you and Mrs S_K moving to Melbourne ?


Anyone got a list of who exactly counts as a 1st to 4th year player for the purpose of this camp?

I thought Irish might have been included but it looks like he’s not (according to instagram)



I think Irish is still injured.


It is absolutely the worst time of year to be in Darwin from a weather persepective.

Good luck to the lads. That humidity without the relief of the afternoon storms can be killer.


I’m almost certain I saw him in the video with Justin Crow. He’s sitting on a bench with lots of people around him looking ripped.


And they are doing the 8th Gorge Walk at Katherine Gorge at the worst possible time of the year.

I did it in the Dry Season (16-17 km from memory) but in the Build up in November, it will be stinking - 40oC, high humidity & probably won’t get much below 30oC in the evening. Good luck getting a good night’s sleep in a tent in that!


It’s up to Langford to make it, so let’s not have another pre-season of blitz saying how good he is.
As per previous posts the jury is out on him.


You don’t have much to worry about. Langford is too good for us to spend all pre-season talking him up. It’d be boring.

This pre-season is all about FRANGA!!! Get on board the Red Baron Hype Train.


For a ranga, he holds the sun in the palm of one hand effortlessly.


You’re not ■■■■■■■ wrong! Been eating Francis’ leftovers!


I was near borroloola in mid december last year (admittedly worse than now) and it was 47 degrees and a ■■■■ tonne of humidity. I was sweating just by sitting. I couldn’t think of anything worse than exercising in it, its the hottest I have ever been and I work in all the ■■■■ places in australia.


Heaps better at media than McClugg FWIW.


Aye - saw him there but then he was at St Kilda beach later so might not be travelling.


Am I right in thinking that in past years we have had the camp after the draft?


I think those ones are with the full playing list like last year when they went to Cerberus (lol not that guy) to the army camp


Interesting times in the preseason for LAV, one minute smoked out on Bathurst island, next day pictured in the Sun playing the WAG on the beach in Melbourne




Cryptic ? Ha. Lav was pictured being touched by smoking branches during a welcome to country ceremony. on Bathurst Island ( Pictured. ) Next day he was photographed on the beach in Melbourne. ( pictured in the sun this morning)


Why is that interesting times?