2018 Pre Season Discussion


Come onnnnnn. It’s not like a Bomber could ever imagine a thing like a plane to get you all the way across the country in one day.


This is a “Cool story Bro” moment, isn’t it??


Need more cool sex, drugs and rock and roll stories I suppose.


When the Head health and conditioning guru is talking you up as having a outstanding presesason then i think Francis has turned the corner, well done Franga keep the good work up.


Did he say outstanding?
I thought he just said he’d come back fitter than he has been previously (which doesn’t say much) and has impressed so far.


Its almost like planes exist.


just going on memory - but he only singled Francis out as saying he has been impressed. But then added the rest of the team has been good.


Either way, it’s a good sign.
But personally i’m tempering expectations. I’m not considering Francis anywhere near best 22 until he actually performs and proves it in the 1’s


Im probably the opposite.
Im going all in on Francis if he gets his fitness right, and he looks to be on the right track.

Im not as optimistic about Langford and Laverde. Im struggling to fit them in best 22, now we have Stringer and Smith.


Seniors are back this week aren’t they?


I’m not even considering him an Essendon player until he plays at least 300 games in the rednblack, including 4 flags & has at least two sons who each play 200 each with us & 2 flags each too.
And even then, only maybe; still might have my doubts about him & whether he really wanted out in 2017.




!00% Agree


For those with no moral, ethical or aesthetic objections to listening to SEN or Wallace, check this out.

Alternatively, the synopsis is we when we re good we are very good, but when the big contested bullies of the AFL hit us with a blowtorch, we will melt.


I read the Terry Wallace article and 5 mins later I have conjunctivitis.

Coincidence? I think not.


Pretty harmless analysis that just states the obvious.


Yep… but at the end, they all agree we are the team they expect to be the biggest improvers in 2018. Which would be some achievement given we finished 7th… (or 8th depending on viewpoint).


The last two Premiership sides were stacked with big bullocking midfielders were they?


Langford and Myers… Stints from Stringer, Laverde and Begley.
We are flying under the radar beautifully.