2019 March 2nd 10am Practice Hitout vs Tiggers; Holm Park, Beaconsfield

Followed by point Essendon.

And 70 gets a free 45 angle 35 out. Goal.

58 rich. 50 ess.

@wimmera1 leadership showing.




Drapes onto the boot in the center. Stewart marks. Post. 30 sec left.

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Done. Lost by 7. Make that 13 after a Richmond goal after the siren. Good push back in the final minutes but lost it in the 3rd.


Damn. Thanks for the commentary and other updates guys. Really appreciated.


Darn it! Thanks for the commentary @Benny40

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@DJR please come home! That was unexpectedly difficult!

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Thanks for the updates.

I feel bad for the bloke with the broken leg, pre season can be cruel.

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Great effort @Benny40. Clear BOG performance!


Holy crap Sammy Draper is next level good in the ruck. Didn’t sight him around the ground, but absolutely dominated the taps to advantage. Multiple times he just took the ball on the boot and got it inside 50. That play in the final minute was soooo dangerous


I’m getting the feeling 666 will hurt players lacking leg speed. Clarke didn’t seem as big a weapon in the center as I expected. The ball was gone a second before he could impact.

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And seriously screw playing football in this heat. Massive effort.

Did Ray Connellan play in this one?

Didn’t know what to look for. Not having the numbers to reference. There were players in 3 and 43 that looked interesting.

Also too far away to listen for the accent

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Top job Benny40.

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It was a game lost by our forwards. Got sucked up the ground too much and weren’t getting free when we got the ball. I’m sure there’s more to it, but it really looked like a structure issue. We kept getting shallow entries and they kept coming straight back out.

Mutch and Clarke didn’t perform as well in the center as I expected. Drapes put on a show, but the Richmond guys just seemed to have the speed to steal the hit out.

Houlihan isn’t a contested mark. Just didn’t seem to have much impact that I saw. He’d surely need to increase his forward pressure to get a senior game.

Stewart competed when the ball was nearby. Absolute unit and fierce. Just didn’t see it near him often.

Mynott involved, didn’t see much, but in play I was generally typing like a madman so probably missed much of what he, Clarke, Mutch ect did in general play.

McNeice has courage. Some really good contested stuff.

Overall we weren’t far off it. A little tweak on our forward line and we are a much more dangerous outfit.

That’s it. I’m going home to have a nap.


Well earned nap Benny.


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Really didn’t notice him. If he was involved in link up I didn’t catch it and the ball wasnt in our forward 50 enough to get a look at him.

You did a good job :slightly_smiling_face:. Thanks for the updates @Benny40 .