2021 trade spec (Part 5) - Little Bobby Hill got dropped

Everyone wants us. Perkins risking breaching draft tampering rules.

Even Dunstan begging to join us but reluctantly had to settle for a contract with the premiers after we weren’t interested.


2021 trade period, sponsored by Craig David


What’s your flava?

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I’m walking away

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What are they saying now…

From troubles in my life?


I’m walking away.


To find a better way

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Something doesn’t add up with all the Hill reports today. Tom Morris says we have offered Hill 4 years. In that scenario i would suggest we have known about Hill for sometime and talks have been mutual to win him over. You don’t offer 4 years to a late deciding player with not much form behind him.

Jay Clarke now has reports we are willing to pull out and just 3rd round pick will be offered as the Bombers were surprised by Hill late interest… though hours earlier apparently he contacted Essendon a month ago.

I sense somewhere in the middle is the truth. Lot of narratives from all camps to suit trade leverage and narratives me thinks


We’ve still got time to grab ssp and McPherson grab Bobby next year.


We are clearly playing the game knowing how McCartney likes us to fully commit on a player then forcing us to pay up big. This way we are making it look like it was a last minute thing and not pot committed (we are)

We don’t offer a player a 4 year deal without doing a medical. Hill is in Perth atm. Don’t think we would have done one over the wkd (can’t get to Perth) :crazy_face: medical would have been done weeks ago.

Maybe we know GWS are stuffed on their cap and are calling their bluff knowing they need to ship someone out

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We be making love by Wednesday


we got tarantiniolo yet

yep, which is why you are better off ingnoring all reporting until a finalised trade announcement.


That’s why they got me dribbling
Hot fudge sauce
And it’s all on my Timberlands
I take them caramel

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Dodoro is too busy trying to get Ben King. Essendon must be announcing it any day now.

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What is wrong with everyone? You know this is being orchestrated as the final piece of business for trade tv. Deal will be done at 7:29pm Wednesday night, for the cameras, for the AFL website, trade radio etc. They would have known about this in advance and all the “accredited toss bags are busy replacing Caldwell’s name with “Hill” in all the same story lines from last year.


4 years seems a long commit for a player supposedly only worth a 3rd round pick. Isn’t that the argument around the initial Crameri deal?! Surely a f2 with one or two 3’s coming back is on the mark


when a journo posts something good relating to Essendon in trade week


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