2022 FF Original Discussion Thread

Looks like I missed a waiver claim.
Dunlop gets Jack Riewoldt instead of Paul Curtis.
I’ll fix up the waiver order and the post later on tonight.

Dear Mr Beveridge,
Why would you sign Tim O’Brien as a FA and not give him a game? Please rectify this situation ASAP.
You are killing me!

The Mad Bomber

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Response from MrBeveridge

@The_Mad_Bomber1 you’ve got the nerve to ask me a question, and even be posting here? You’ve been preying on us the last two times.

You barrack for fantasy scores, you’ve been preying on us. You’ve been opening us up, causing turmoil within our football club by declaring our team’s scores well before they are calculated. Is that the way Blitz wants you to operate? Is that the gutter coach you want to be?

We went with a plan. We have some fantasy duds like Schache and 2022 JJ, even some under performers like Jamara Ugle-Hagan in our team but the injury to Naughton isn’t that bad so we would rather his SuperCoach points then the 23 fantasy points O’Brien would deliver, which somehow you’re not happy about again, so we need to get to the bottom of this.

Obviously we need to put our hand up and say there’s some points leakage going on, but you’re preying on it, and it’s the team you coach, your conflict of interest here is considerable. Your gutter fantasy coaching at the moment is killing us behind the scenes.

This is why the health and wellbeing of people in fantasy footy is caught up in this, because we’ve got things to concentrate on performance-wise, we’ve got to look after our own and then you cause all this muckraking trash that happens behind the scenes and names get caught up into it, and all we’re doing is planning for a fantasy football game. Are you proud of your self Mad Bomber?


I wouldn’t mind Bailey Williams getting more playing time.
I took him earlyish in the draft hoping I could rely on him.

Hopefully I get some luck at the selection table tonight.

Are you baiting Mr Beveridge as well??

Just general grumbling.

Also don’t get how a player can be listed as a 4 to 6 week injury then the next week be available for selection.
Same club had a player listed for 4 to 5 weeks three weeks ago. He’s still 4 weeks away.

And Jed Anderson doesn’t look like getting a game for at least a month. But I’m sure that’ll extend out to mid season. I would have thought I’d be a better chance to get an anti vaxxer than someone who had a reaction to the vaccine. Why couldn’t I just win tattslotto instead.

Just waiting for the inevitable Jack Viney injury.

Luckily, I’ve dodged the health protocol affecting selections to this point.

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Darcy likely out along with Duursma and Rankine. Add that to Hopper, Cox, Stocker and Rankine and I’m missing 1/3 of my starting 22. Sinking feeling that Freo might also drop Serong this week after an absolutely horrible start to the year.

Screw you @redbull

Never mind.

No idea what Macrae has been doing in this last term, -1 points, probably the worst quarter of his career and has probably neutralised somewhat English’s best game of his career, just didn’t get near it and never looked like it

106 for Blakey , and 92 for Vandermeer (currently on the bench but eic benches to be clarified) is a good start.

Can I please LTI Hannebery @Dunlop, AFL website this morning reporting the calf strain on weekend and subsequent surgery will see him miss two months

I was semi confident I could sneak a win against your mob prior to this weekend.
But I don’t think we’ll make.
Early days, but I’ll have to make up 100 points with no players in hand. Will need some luck.

I’m not expecting my team to get into a good patch of form until after round 5 once my youngsters have had some continuity in games.
Of course, they’ll then run out of gas around the bye round.

I was hoping that Sam Wicks would score well enough to be trade bait. So far, he looks more likely to make it to the FA scrap heap than garner any kind of trade value.

Lots to play out , obviously. My lot are more than capable of throwing in a few junk scores to undo the decent start.

But I’m hoping that with North’s injuries Powell will get some extra centre square time. Like Ross, he’s better around the ball than on a wing. Things like that should be part of our natural improvement this year.

I need to be paying attention to the final squads tonight though, coz I could easily end up a couple short . And of course West Coast / Freo lineups are unknown.

Its going to be another Covid affected round with team naming - WCE & Fremantle will be naming their 22 at 5.30pm Saturday AEDT, but there won’t be squads released by either side before then.

Given that, this week’s lockout will be Saturday 7.25pm AEDT.

@Stoops - Will catch myself up on the latest Hannebery news and get back to you later today.

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Can I please LTI Ben McEvoy?
Neck fracture puts Hawthorn skipper Ben McEvoy out indefinitely (afl.com.au)


@Stoops’s team mascot (I assume that is what he’s actually paid to do) is also approved.


Life imitating art…

@topdon think we’re locked in for a ■■■■ fight this round.

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Fight to the gutter! :rofl:

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