2023 Essendon jumper

Are you serious? It’s a 4 x 4 inch logo on a jumper. Some perspective perhaps

The Amart logo on this special jumper is an abomination. It’s too big, the blue background clashes with the jumper design. It absolutely destroys the design, and shows a complete lack of understanding of the occasion this jumper was designed for — and what is worse it blatantly disrespects indigenous culture in its dismissive treatment of Bunjil.


A game of football?
Selling merch?
Cover up players in the freezing cold?

No Alex. Time you grew up and started learning something about the ancient culture of the original inhabitants of this land.

Isn’t that what clothes are for? Every other club has sponsorship logos on their jumpers. Maybe it looks unsightly…. But so what?

Would prefer if our jumper was black and red not grey and red.

Sorry what? Strange edit. I wasn’t responding to your post about the indigenous jumper.

Mattyknights was talking about preserving the integrity of the jumper and the ugliness of the design of the Amart logo, which is what I responded to. You’re going on about indigenous heritage…. Im not talking about that at all.

Maybe read what I was responding to before you take a swipe.

Give it a rest Alex. You should be better than that, but lately for whatever reason, you’ve been hellbent on trolling. You quoted from my post. I answered you. End of story.

Go and troll somewhere else - or is there nowhere else that will put up with your juvenilia ?

There is nothing remotely trolling in what I said. Sorry you didn’t bother to read what I was responding to before you got up in arms.

Talk about disingenuous ! You quoted my post. I replied to that. Back under your bridge, boy.

Righto mate. Not sure what your point is, but that’s fine.

Some perspective, sure, no problems. It’s 4x4 inches of utter abomination.

You can thank me later

Four teams in the AFL use birds as their mascot.
None of them are us.
I don’t how this could have been approved by an Essendon Board.

Actually five.

Magpies, Crows, Hawks, Eagles, Swans.

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The EFC AFLW indigenous jumper this year had Waa - black crow, this is the story behind it.

Waa is one of the moiety totems for the Wurundjeri Woiwurrung people of the Eastern Kulin nation and is the protector spirit…

Waa’s open wings create the sash on the guernsey, with circles surrounding the crow representing connection, a key pillar of Essendon’s women’s program.

Along the bottom of the guernsey are people standing arm in arm, further representing how people from all different backgrounds have come together to build Essendon’s AFLW program.

Willcox said her design is also symbolic of the AFL’s journey to be more inclusive of First Nations peoples and cultures.

“My school, Thornbury Primary, is built on Wurundjeri Woiwurrung Country,” Willcox said.

“I have chosen to include Waa the Crow into my design. Waa is the Protector Spirit and is one of the two main moiety totems for the Wurundjeri Woiwurrung people.

“I have also used the Aboriginal art symbol for long journey within the design of Waa to represent the journey that the AFL is on to be inclusive of First Nations peoples and cultures in the game.”

Sinclair also focused on the symbolism of team in her design, emphasising how important working together is.


It can’t be that. Perce already told us that it’s Bunjil the eagle.

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We have a steel bird.


I’d buy that. Totally sick!

Fair call, though you’d probably agree this could t be a swan. It could be one of the other four







The Hawk is close-ish, but none of the other birds are close.

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