2023 FF Original Discussion Thread

Ideally you’d like live scores.
I don’t think that’s too much to ask for a site you’re paying for, when fanfooty does it for free.


I actually prefer not to have live scores until the final game.
On Saturday and the first two Sunday games, it does get tough to work out whether your gaining ground or not.
I like the played 14 players and averaged 72 statement under the scores on the front page. I can tell pretty easily if I’m any chance to win.

The lack of live scores probably allows me time to actually have some semblance of life outside of Blitz and FF. I may not take it up, but the opportunity is there.

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I don’t mind the desktop version I find that to be straight forward, on a mobile though it is near on impossible to make changes to your weekly squad.
So if I’m out and about or on the boat at work and we get late changes it stuffs your team royally.

But all in all it’s ok, definitely room for improvements but serving it’s purpose

I’ve requested this to the site. Doubt we will get anything though.


I haven’t tried the mobile version, perhaps I should.

Desktop is ok but some idiosyncrasies… defaulting to Round 1… difficult to navigate to the player list that shows all of the scores… easy to leave someone out of the team because of the way the player list is presented.


FAs have been processed.

The Count Buku waiver claim was voided. You can’t use a waiver claim on a player you just dropped.
Because you listed him as a waiver claim and he wasn’t listed as a free agent, I had to take the Cooper Harvey free agent pick on face value with your first choice.
I also couldn’t pick up Count Buku as an FA because he wasn’t listed there.

It was a very convoluted PM to try and understand. At first, I couldn’t even work out who you wanted to drop.

Best of luck to everyone for the upcoming round.


Appologies all.
There has been an error.

Nick Larkey was not available this round. He’ll be a waiver candidate next week.
So @wimmera1 gets Kaine Baldwin with his first choice and Bailey MacDonald with his second.
I’ll update the FF Free Agency thread later on tonight.

Luckily it didn’t affect any other FF choices.


Apologies to @You_Shall_Be_Smoten & @topdon for the delay in acknowledging your achievements, just been one of those weeks.

Team Review

  • Topdon’s 1472 was his highest score since posting his career high of 1588, coincidentally against Smoten, in Rd 11, 2017
  • Not remotely anywhere near that far back for Smoten, as he posted 1582 just last year. However, his 1577 was still his 2nd best score since scoring 1604 in the 2016 Qualifying Final.

Season High: Trotters
Season Low: Awesome Scotty

Player Review (Min. 20 Games)

Career Highs: @wezza Edition

  • Jye Caldwin: 112
  • Sam Durham: 96
  • Jordan Ridley: 127

Brent Daniels: 112
Mitch Lewis: 126
Lloyd Meek: 95
Conor Nash: 130
Callum Coleman-Jones: 105
Bailey Scott: 121
Zac Butters: 148
Daniel Rioli: 114
Jack Ross: 103
Dom Sheed: 139
Bailey Dale: 130

Career Lows:
Mitch Hinge - 11
Taylor Adams - 27 (only 5 yr low?)
Nick Haynes - 9
Andrew Gaff - 42 (only 5 yr low?)


Please continue Mr Nash I need someone to fill the Oliver sized hole in my heart :pray::pray:

A combination of factors, some of which I concede are my fault, mean I will play one short this week.
I am disappoint.


It’s a fair contingent of backmen on my list not playing this week.
Not saying it couldn’t or shouldn’t have been covered, but still.

A bit of a shame I’m not going to be at full strength coming into this block of the fixture against a couple of big sides, but getting Rich back is handy - now just for Duncan, Parish and half my forward line but it looks like they’ll be post bye which hurts through those rounds. Thought I’d get Membrey or Dixon back this week but sadly not to be so my rag tag forward bunch will have to try and do the job again.

Think Fog is probably the favourite going into the game, especially with Curnow every chance of kicking a big bag tomorrow but it promises to be a good clash nonetheless.

Brutal week for me selection wise. Injuries to Jones and Hinge means I’m going to be short in the backline. Scrimshaw is clearly on the nose at Hawthorn. I should have attacked free agency but I had a huge couple of days at work and by the time I got a chance to take a proper look at the pool last night it was too late.

I just discovered that somehow, Shai Bolton wasn’t even in my 22 last week, let alone 18. This is farked.

My resignation to the Board is likely pending.

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Looks like it could be one of those weeks against a good team again for my mob, score for fun when I don’t need to but can’t put it together when needed. Newman 20 mins on bench in third term and likely injured and then Cripps below average to date, don’t start Cottrell who is going ok and Fog has Henry, Curnow and Docherty all scoring pretty well.

Going to need the rest of my team to lift from here

Surely the blues have to reward Jaxon “the binman” Binns now Hollands is down and their season looks all but over

The kid is averaging 27, 8 marks and has kicked 5 goals from the wing in the VFL

Lord knows I could use it with the rate I’m loosing mids


Cripps injured too, these injuries around the byes are going to be doubly costly, probably no Parish, Duncan and Newman now, hopefully Cripps not too bad

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They’ll have to bring in a few with Hewett/Hollands/Newman out, Cripps in doubt, plus Cerra probably suspended. Voss may have to reach for the hammer and break the “only in case of emergency” Dow case.

On the plus side, for sal it probably means Kennedy plays a full game as a mid again, whilst Allblack should get Cincotta back.

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I snuck in a sub! Technically a full team.

Bruest gets me every time, I bench him and he scores ok, play him and he spends the game avoiding the ball.