2023 FF Original Discussion Thread

Are the mid season draftees available for FA tonight or next week?

Next week.

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Suspended players have always been ineligible in our comp for the bye rounds, as the bye rules were originally designed to reflect whether players who played in a club’s last game prior to their bye could play for you that week - if they get suspended then they’d be on the sidelines, just as much as someone who picks up a 4-6 week injury.


Ouch! That’s stiff.

I like the new spreadsheet, will come in handy when ‘someone’ offers me a player that is about 36 and averaging 25 points per game, I will be able to refer to it straight away to knock back the offer.

FAs have been processed.

Best of luck to all coaches.

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Ah, bugger. I missed it. Didn’t expect to be at work.
Were a couple I was interested in, too.

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It was actually the least number of requests I’ve ever had. Only 4 coaches wanted to make changes.
Next week is expected to be hectic with the new MSD players available.

I really need to send these in on a Monday.
It’s some sort of OCD thing that makes me want to send my requests in at 8pm on a Wednesday night.

Hi everyone, with the trade period now upon us I think it warranted to inform the group that this will be the final year of custom positions (at least to this extent). Bench is an adequate service, but deeply flawed and isn’t admin or user friendly and there is no guarantee that AFL Fantasy or any other site will offer customised positions. For most teams this probably won’t matter trade-wise, but in the event that it does, anticipate that AFL Fantasy (and their positions) will be used for next season – so players in their 1st season as a pure mid will likely only be a mid next year, players playing back that were forward last year, will likely just be a forward for next season.

The other thing to note with trading is that Bench won’t let you exceed 32 players in your squad, so if your intention is to do 2-for-1s or player for pick trades, you might want to include whomever your delistee would be in the deal to allow it to be processed.
You can propose completed trades on Bench, via the squad page - click the crossing arrows. If you’re making player-pick trades in the lead-up to Friday, please allow 2-3 hours for admin to process your trade to avoid disappointment.

The other announcement, there is no good time to make – I’ll be retiring from the competition (both admin & coaching) at season’s end. I’ll try to keep this brief as possible, as nobody likes a long-winded ramble.

I’m no longer coping with the additional stress of the role as I once did, which my body has started telling me, I’m starting to make more errors than I find acceptable, and my handling of key issues since 2020 has mostly been poor – I’ve also caused hurt through my handling of things which I regret.

This has not been a spontaneous decision. I’ve sat with it for several months and, if anything, I’ve become more convinced its the right decision and time to move on. Allblack & Blummers have been keen for me to continue coaching, even if I stepped away from admin, but whilst the side has been performing well, I’ve been largely going through the motions on the coaching front, and I think there are younger, hungrier people just waiting for an opportunity, who could derive more success from my squad.

To everybody that has had even a small part to the play behind-the-scenes over the years, from jards in the initial years; Neela & wimmera who participated in the original five-person conversation about setting up admin; Blummers who redesigned my original spreadsheet and Windy Dill who contributed another excellent spreadsheet. Thank you also to redbull for our chats over the years, you’re a terrific leader and L2 is well-served with you in charge.
He won’t read this, but thank you to Fudge for the 20 years of friendship and that particularly nutty offer on the eve of the pandemic that may’ve dramatically changed my life.
To the longest serving admins, Trotters & CB, thank you both for your passion, hardwork and commitment to the competition over 7-10 years. I’m truly sorry my handling of issues involving the two of you, left you both hurt and disappointed.

Finally, to Allblack & Blummers, thank you very much for the past 2 years, particularly the generosity, kindness, and patience you’ve displayed this season. I’m very confident you’ll lead the competition into an even more successful era than its had.



Thanks, Nate.
You’ve done more than anyone could ever possibly ask of you in this league, and you need to put yourself and your health first.

I’m very grateful for all that you’ve done, as I’m sure we all are.


Oh no mate. Sad to hear that this year has burnt you out like this.

You’re invaluable.

Sorry to have given you this burden where you need to step away from not only admin, but coaching :frowning:


Don’t be sorry. No issue at all from my end. And both CB and I have moved on.

This is a game. A social game with not a lot at stake. You made the experience more real life and allowed us all to be passionate about our teams and growth of our teams.

Totally understand you stepping down from running the comp. The small part I played was significantly time consuming and at times stressful. So I can’t imagine how much time you put in given you were doing 10 times more than me.

There would be no competition that better run and better engaged than this one. That’s all a credit to you mate!! Enjoy retirement, you deserve it.

Don’t want to steal any of your moment, but in full transparency, this will be my last season as a coach too. Massive life change coming in October which will mean I can’t commit like I used to.


I was curious with the Drouin draftee last night. Did you have anything to do with Maric?

Coached him from 2018-2021.


Only been in this League for a few seasons but huge thanks to Dunlop for what has clearly been a gigantic undertaking on multiple levels. I’d have hoped you stayed on as a coach but I certainly understand the difficulties life can throw up against something that is literally only a game. Hope things settle down for you post “retirement”. Go well, mate.


Really sad to see @Dunlop won’t be continuing after this season. He has been the lifeblood of this competition, and we are all the beneficiaries of his hard work and dedication. Thank you so much for making this league such a joy to be a part of. It won’t be the same without you!


Quite the proud moment for you then!

Konstanty last year, Maric this year!


Hey Nate.
You’ll be missed.

If there’s one thing I hope you start focussing on is being more positive and not get so hung up with errors and mistakes. I know reading this forum makes that incredibly difficult, but hopefully you do realise that this competition wouldn’t be running like this without your input.
And I also think each coach puts all they can into the comp simply because of the standards you’ve set for the comp which makes it so great.
Thanks for everything you’ve done and hopefully we can keep this comp going long enough to get another generation of people interested in the game.

Take care, look after yourself and wish you all the best with whatever you do away from this competition.