2024 BBFFL#2 Discussion

BBFFL#2 Round 17 Results
redbull 1250 Defeated frosty 1102
Smooth 1265 Defeated cafegerat 1078
Crazy Bomber 1560 Defeated Trotters 1407
The Melkman 1353 Defeated Ivan 1165
Don to Death 1311 Lost to nozza 1323
saladin 1430 Lost to Stoops 1540
Aceman 1124 Lost to TrevorBix 1154
kj_11 1050 Lost to Speedy_Gonzales 1375
AVanderScreamer 1195 Defeated The Ant 879

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BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 17

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Thanks @saladin

So after thinking it was possible, I have now confirmed that AFL fantasy doesn’t provide the option to change the fixtures despite us having the Deluxe subscription. I sent a help desk email yesterday and have received a reply this afternoon confirming my suspicions.

Therefore we are stuck with the match ups allocated by the system. I know it’s not ideal but unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do about it.


Playing another top 4 side in Stoops this week and have not 1 but 2 early game injuries for scores less than 10. Wicked.

Need a massive game from Conor McKenna to have a chance of an upset against Trotters…

Duggan subbed out certainly helps!

McKenna not covering himself in glory at this stage…

@saladin knocks me over

Donut since Treloar was a late out cost me, even if I had of been able to move some pieces (which couldn’t) and get Mansells score to count would have fallen short

My team certainly ain’t pumping out any big scores of late. Battling along at best

Back in pack for those trying to get top 4

Apologies for the lack of posting results. Currently having an amazing time at Disneyland with the family!


I knew you were running a Mickey Mouse organisation here.


No need to apologise, that sounds amazing, you bastard wonderful husband, father and man.

Some of us don’t want to see the recent results anyway.

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Nice of my team to join me in the sidelines this week. Yeo, McInerney and Schultz all faked doctors certificates of injuries to sneak off on tour with the coach.

Morrison just got omitted because Sam Mitchell really has a thing against short plumb ass blonde mid fielders.

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At least they’re in good company with my team. No Duggan and McGovern, then Murray gets subbed out on zero.

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BBFFL#2 Round 18 Results
redbull 1407 Defeated cafegerat 1248
frosty 1316 Lost to Trotters 1401
Smooth 1303 Defeated Ivan 1204
Crazy Bomber 1547 Defeated nozza 1158
The Melkman 1426 Lost to Stoops 1477
Don to Death 1342 Defeated TrevorBix 1113
saladin 1344 Defeated Speedy_Gonzales 1239
Aceman 1037 Defeated The Ant 1026
kj_11 988 Lost to AVanderScreamer 1169

BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 18

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Well done to @Aceman on chalking up his first win since Round 6 2022. After 50 straight losses he finally managed to get the chocolates again. Round 17 was the first time Aceman had scored above 1100 since scoring 1123 in Round 5 2022 and it was his first score above 1000 since Round 19 2022. By backing up with over 1000 points again in Round 18 it means Aceman has scored above 1000 points 2 weeks running since doing it from Rounds 17 to 19 in 2022.

Unfortunately for @The_Ant it now means that Aceman’s only 2 wins since Round 18 2021 have been against him.


Thank me anytime @Aceman.

And trust the process.


That’s three weeks running now.

And he is not alone anymore, I was just hoping I wouldn’t be the one to end the drought against.