#36 Michael Hartley


Ambrose has perfected the art of legally bodying his opponent under the ball or off the line of the ball, as well as restricting the forward from getting both arms up to mark the ball - Reckon a slippery tall forward with a high work-rate up and down the field could get him.


Not possible.


No Ambrose this week. Gonna be hard up against it against Jack. Gonna need some help, hope he doesn’t panic and give away the free kicks he has been in the last 3 weeks.


IMO his issue in 1 on 1 contests has been that he takes his eye off the ball & goes searching for the body of his opponent. I’d much rather he back himself in and just attack the ball which is what I think worked well for him last season.


Darling 7 marks & 7 shots
Kennedy 4 marks and 6 shots

I know who they kick it to more


Down on confidence = second guessing



Do you truly believe Dea is big enough for a key position? He is a HBF, who has been given tasks this year on bigger blokes than himself & acquitted himself quite well. You should be really comparing him to Kelly, but Pops hasn’t been asked to play on bigger blokes this year & has been given licence to run off his opponent.
You believe our 3 KPD should be Hurley, Ambrose & Brown, I believe it should be Hurley, Ambrose & Hartley.
Brown 2017 - 4 games 1W 3L
Hartley 2017 - 5 games 4W 1L & against the best FF in the comp last week took 13 marks


Great move by Blitz. Call for Hartley to be dropped when he is up against a huge challenge this week. Player responds like JD, Hurley, Watson and Zacka and puts in a blinder!


Is anything ever NOT in your honest opinion?


I appreciate your permission


You want me to be more arrogant?


bring it


Don’t tell me what to do


Seeing as though we’re starting to win again I think we should all get a fair smack of arrogance back. We…are…ESSENDON!


Humility has no place in the internerd dichotomy.


yeh ■■■■ you hap.


■■■■ all of you. each and every one.


I fkn hope so. But he’s a bit down on form/confidence is Harts. He’s going to have a dog of a season that’s pretty obvious but there’s signs. The last half last week his tail was up a bit, and we’ve seen how he performs in a decimated team like last season. Plenty there to work with.

Can’t wait until we can have Hurley (no brainer), Ambrose and Hartley in the same side. I like what Ambrose is and I like what Hartley could be.


Not really, I’ve just wondered why people say “imho”

I doubt you ever have a opinion where your lying


Signs that perhaps the confidence is returning from his second half. He was beaten on the day but much better in the second half. A return of the golden fist and was going for his marks a bit more. Our mids and forwards need to look after him early this week, maximum pressure on the ball going inside their F50, give him (and more so Hurls/Dea for the intercept) best chance to halve a contest.