#36 Michael Hartley


I noticed it twice today, and he lost both of those contests.

I thought he was very good aside from that, though. Liked seeing him going for his marks.


Yep, he is noticeably going for his marks which is a definite positive.

All you can ask is that he work on his weaknesses and he’s doing that.


he worries about his man too much, seems to eyeball the forward before engaging in the marking contest…


He lacks awareness and strength.
Not ready yet.


Keeping the Bezerker’s spot warm :laughing:


He’s prone to spraying it to, though. I watch him practice goal kicking quite a bit. He loves it, but to be honest, he’s a 50/50. Which of course, is not that bad relatively speaking…


An Essendon player 50/50 infront of goals, oh we could be so lucky :laughing:


This guy is a far better player than Brown, today surely showed that.

One against Dixon he will never win, yet tries his guts out and frees up Hurley and Hooker.

He’s undersized to match up against the power forwards, but stays in the team as the Gleeson type for now, his hands are quite good.


Thought he was good. One on one he can struggle- seems to focus too much on the man. Much much better option than brown for mine. Still behind a fully fit Ambrose though.


Thought he was mostly good today, plays far better when he backs himself and not clacks his dacks over what his man is doing.


Do you see zerk as more a flanker like Gleeson or once he puts on some muscle does he shape as a key defender?


KPD for me. Reckon he will end up our CHB for many years


Definitely a key defender.


Totally agree.

Seems to struggle with regaining positioning if worked under the ball in a marking contest. And panics, want see improvement in his ability to work to regain control of the contest .


That’s great to hear


To be fair, those two contests, one ball was a munga and it died on its trajectory, if it had stayed in flight he would have been able to kill it. The second was a really lace out ball from wines when out defence was put numbered, no othe defender we have would have halved that.


Problem is Dixon is exactly the sort of forward Ambrose struggles with. People always seem to forget Paddy struggles with the brutes when he’s out, and then get reminded of it when he’s back in the side and gets matched up on one. Ambrose is better on the stayers


If Hooker’s back there he can take the brutes.
Hooker, Hurley and Ambrose is a very well balanced defence


Can’t argue with that. Throw in Saad for speed, Gleeks for more intercepts and attack, and Bags - and that’s Elite defense. I’m set on Oirish playing wing.


That monster goal he kicked in 2016 from memory went through post high from 65m out. :drooling_face:

Can anyone find a link.