#40 Ben Howlett - Delisted


Been around long enough to be able to hit a target someone between the ankles and outstretched arms under little pressure but still misses.


Surely he’ll be out next week with Parish coming back.

Always put the effort in, it just wasn’t working for the most part. And was costly towards the end (amongst a number of other players as well of course).


Is cooked. Depth only


Liked the effort and tackling… just couldn’t hit a target inside 50.


Puts in effort, congratulations. How about some class or skill or something to change the game in our favour? He’s a plodder, and the fact the club keeps on playing guys like him at near 30 is a testament to the stupidity of our selections. Our midfield is nowhere near good enough to be carrying guys like him, floating around the ground.


Thought you had a good game, Bobcat.
Generated some run, initiated attacks, good tackling. One of my highlights of the game was that smashing crunch you put on some guy… totally decked him. Cheers :slight_smile:


I agree.

Cheers Bobcat.

Now it’s time to to bring in Parish and let you guide the VFL team to the finals.


Sadly we keep going to the well with Howlett. Provides very little and is preventing a younger player getting a game. It’s time to move on.


I somehow hope he’s been brought in for a defensive role. Keep Gibbs to under 20 please


not happy he is in the team, but i hope he plays a blinder and blankets Gibbs


Have a great game Benny.


He hasn’t tagged in about 5 years. For a guy who’s a great tackler, tough, has a big work rate, and ostensibly seems to be a team first type, he was terrible at it from memory.


Happy to see him in. If it’s when conditions he is exactly the type of player we want. Doesn’t over possess the footy and goes straight and hard. Good selection


Think alot of us are forgetting how valuable this bloke can be. Especially with his tackling and even can snag goals.


Onya Benny.


He will be asked to do a specific job and he will try his hardest to get that job done as well as he can. He’s a team man through and through.


Yeah my memory is that he just lost his mark far too easy. Probably just an instinctive ball hunter, unfortunately for him he just isn’t quite good enough in that role.


Yeah good selection.
Will crash into packs, do some grunt work on a more than likely damp day.


Terrible selection. Has hurt the team with his poor disposal and poor decision making in every AFL level game he’s played in this year.


Benny has also assisted the side with good disposal and good decision making in every game he has played this year.

Still, I would’ve given one of the younger guys a taste of AFL footy.