#40 Ben Howlett - Delisted


So what’s he worth on the trade table?




Then playing him is even more stupid than I thought.


I concur.


Ben wa balls.




I hope his last senior game today. We just can’t play midfielders that struggle to get 15 possessions assuming they are not also shutting a gun down.
Thanks for the service Ben!


It doesn’t seem to matter who we put in that position (Lang/Lav/Bobcat) the result seems to be 12-15 possession and a shot at goal…


Last time Langford played he had 19 possessions and was dropped.
I guess if we have midfielders that can’t find the ball, we’re better going for young guys as most midfielders increase their possessions over time.


there’s generally 350-400 disposals to share around a game. You just can’t have 22 players with 25+

whether he gets 15 or 20 touches is irrelevant


I literally didn’t realise he was playing until the 3rd quarter.


He was actually good form the first QTR and a bit when he had the role on Docherty. For some reason that role was stopped and Docherty was allowed to roam free?


If someone is playing as a midfielder you are quite wrong. No doubt other items come into it e.g goals, ability to shut down a player etc. Sadly Howlett is not adding much value there either.


didn’t do much at all but will be remembered for his part in this game due to being in Tippa’s highlight reel. kinda like Bullen in Hirdy’s WC goal…


Thanks for the efforts Ben but it’s time for a different direction.


because Howlett is so good on the spread and so damaging with his disposal and such a lightning chaser, he can add value even having minimal possessions.


Yeah I can’t wait for the GPS data on those sprints.


Do you reckon at match review the coaches sit and look at the stats and someone says “I tell you what I’m really surprised Howlett only got 9 touches instead of the usual 12-14”


But but but, he kicked six in a game once