#40 Ben Howlett - Delisted


Should have played his last senior game yesterday. The modern game has bypassed the Bobcat. So long and thanks for the memories.Would take a trade for him, if anyone is interested, which l doubt.


Should have been let walk in 2014 when he had offers instead of being convinced to stay.


It boggles my mind he gets a game. Like I cannot work it out for the life of me


The suggestion was made in another thread that the returning 12 were offered games this year, over the younger players in return for not suing the club. If true, l find this a disturbing indictment on the club and players involved. How plausible that is, l have no idea, but it would explain why players are getting games that are not based on form.


You can immediately throw that theory out considering stants and hocking have been banished to the vfl forever


You might be surprised at how much traction that view has gained.


Huh? They did all sue the club.


BBB should take his place.


I would like to see bird, or Mutch play in howletts place

Begley for green, or colyer.


Amongst conspiracy theorists it’s probably not surprising.
I’m sure it hasn’t gained much traction amongst people with common sense.


Clearly the hardest selection to understand.


Colyer is in the mix IMO


If he’s ever going to be that 18-25 player on the list he was a little while he needs to get stronger around the contest and just become an inside player.

His weaknesses are more apparent now with our midfield not being as deep and being able to be carried by Watson like it was back when he was in form.

He also seems to be slower than before, not that he was fast.

Like Benny but he is not in form at the moment. Would have Hocking before him.


I thought the received compensation instead of them taking action to sue.


He has been fined for that tackle that shouldn’t have even been a free kick.



Not even in the same ballpark but no doubt Colyer has been disappointing and getting worse. Colyer has double the meters gained, double the goal or goal assists, provides some pace, can kick over 40 meters etc.


you’re right. Trav does do alot more (but also more damage).




Colyer has been poor but in terms of being a legitimate AFL footballer he is miles ahead. He wouldnt get a game in another AFL side, the fact that he has over 100 games speaks volumes of our midfield stocks since he was drafted in 2010. Has a crack but jeez… he is an ordinary AFL player.


Yes and no.
He was OK as an inside hard nut in his first 3-4 years. Good tackler and handy at competing for and halving or winning contested ground balls. About 2013 or 2014 he got shifted to being a forward because a defensive guy who’s slow, smallish, not good at reading a lead, not much of a goalkicker and not that good a kick just screams “forward”.

Even this year, he’s been IMO better in his few midfield opportunities than the rest where he’s played half forward or pocket.