#40 Ben Howlett - Delisted



Friendship resumed for that humour of yours.


I thought he’d be kept for depth this year. I loved howlett because he gave everything always and he got the best out of himself. Few can say that. Would love to see him get a go with the suns or lions. He’d do wonders for them i reckon.


Howlett was always one of the few reliable shots for goal too. No mean feat at essendon


I’m sure we’ll be seeing him somewhere else next year.


AFL or VFL most likely at the moment?


Not too sure on specifics but opportunities are apparently there. Wouldn’t be surprised if he headed back to W.A either in AFL or WAFL. Thought there were rumours about him few years back having Hawks and Tigers interested. Don’t know if I could stomach that. W.A for me.


Half the team did, which is why we crashed out of finals contention after a good start.


Actually, here’s another couple (sorry about stealing all the bandwith, Rolo):


I’m gonna need another few clips before I’m convinced he’s Saad as well as Stringer and Smith.


Would have been good depth however zi can live with it.

Love bobcat and the loyalty he had fo EFC


“former banned Essendon player Ben Howlett”

Go fark yourselves you pieces of shiit.


The lid is off for individual players now, l see. Jackson has been on the list for long enough and produced very little that was noteworthy. Time to move him on, give someone else a go.


All the best Ben, thanks for all your efforts and i hope you find peace and happiness in the next direction of your life.


Good cleanup by the club. It would have happened last year in different circumstances.


Love this tough ■■■■. All the best for the future bobcat!


Loved Bobcat. Played footy as it should be. Tough as nails.


All the best Howlett. Hope to see your face again somewhere in the AFL industry. It’s always tough to see such a honourable clubman go.


There was the game against, I think, Port where he streamed into 50 twice, had a number of short targets and Green against 3 defenders as a long target.

Went for Green and predictably came back the other way. I reckon that’s a massive black mark.


Sorry about Howlett in a way. His toughness and experience will be a loss.
Seems to be a real decent bloke into the bargain.
All the best Ben and thank you for your contribution to our club.