#42 Adam Saad


Boy oh boy wowee.

He’s just about the best spoiler in the game, no matter the size of his opponent.




Saad has been a fantastic addition to our team this year and he is a real weapon for us off half back. He isn’t all run and gun either, he works just as hard to close space and defend. Not sure how anyone can fail to see this?!


Are you a Russian hacker?

If not, they may be an employment opportunity worth looking into.




How can you say that? he was one of our best last night only bloke in the team who wasn’t afraid to take Richmond on and get things going our way


Saad is unreal!
End of story.


We are lucky to have someone like Adam! He tries hard, spoils, runs and is exciting to watch. Thanks for coming to EFC.


Saad and Essendon have received some European media attention. He and Houli were featured in the main French sports magazine , l’Equipe (complete with photos) in their gesture at the Richmond game.


Do you live in a parallel universe and have somehow broken the space time continuum and ended up on our blitz?

If not, you’re more than likely a racist looking for someone to attack.


His one on one contest work is as impressive as his run and bounce game imo.



Saad uses his speed incredibly well for defensive efforts. So often he’ll reach an opponent at full speed at the last second before they mark. Jumps his body into them and punches the ball. It’s super effective, even KPFs struggle to take a mark against that type of effort from a midget.

I’m more impressed with his defensive skills than the attacking runs. And I love the attacking runs.


And, doesn’t give away free kicks in the process!



How does he do that? A body to body hit isn’t a push? Makes sure the fist doesn’t hit the opponents head or arms? Times the impact for the exact moment the opponent needs to grab hold of the ball?


His timing is perfect for the spoil, and therefore doesnt interfere with his opponent, who oftentimes is twice the size of him.


I can’t believe you’d criticise his kicking. I think he has excellent ball control and I’m impressed by his ability to adjust his kicking to provide an effective kick from difficult situations.


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Sam "blackface" Newman confirms his bigotry by attacking all Muslim Australians over a hug. A frigging hug. When will Peter Costello and the Nine bosses do the humane thing and put this sad, hateful old man out to pasture?

11:45 AM - 22 Aug 2018


No that’s not right. This where we get confused by our own ideology.

What Sam said is fundamentally correct.

People of Islamic faith generally do not share the same values as western countries. That is a fact. You can argue till you are blue in the face but women’s rights and how they treat homosexuals are evidence of this. Don’t believe the left wing agenda who lie to themselves.

Then he said the AFL should stay out of politics. That is farking sensible. They 100% should stay out of politics or drive morale agendas.

Where I don’t agree with him is I totally support Houli and Saad standing up for what they believe in. I support their leadership. But I agree with Sam that there is a larger issue and that AFL HOD and admin should basically butt out.

Can’t wait for the feedback on this.

Ps- I don’t watch the footy show or like Sam Newman. So I’m not an apologist.


Nicky Winmar should have butted out as well I suppose