#42 Adam Saad


sam didnt attack all muslims. what a preposterous thing to say.


Did I say Adam Saad should have butted out? You prove my point on ideology getting in the way of objective thinking.


so, that adam saad. can football hey?


You’ll need to explain how I’ve proven your point to my inferior mind


nah - he’s just a running and bouncing footballer… but that’s it.


Winmar is inspirational.


My French isn’t what it was back in grade 6 but I’m pretty sure this French journo is curious about the ump’s non call on caddy blocking Francis in the last quarter at a crucial stage




He wasn’t happy about Grimes ducking into a tackle either. Je comprends beaucoup.


Article was written by a Grégory Letort.

Letort is French for “wrong”


Just googled it and Gregory is French for “Umpire”.

Therefore the approximate translation of his name into English is “Umpires wrong”.

Crazy stuff…


are you sure???



^*may not be true, sorry Doe.:grinning:


Will be on On The Mark, Fox Footy tonight at 8.30


Watched him on on the mark. Gee he is a class act. Speaks very well…glad he is a bomber


You really should brush up on your French Ivan.

No way known that journo could have said Caddy blocked Francis.

Anyone could see it was a clear pousser dans le dos.


I think people underestimate footballs power to assist assimilation .

Football binds country communities
Football was instrumental in indigenous reconciliation

One of my best friends who god bless him is one of the most racist people I’ve ever known now gives Gach Nyuon’s younger brother a lift home from footy because he is friends with his son, just that relationship alone has made a massive difference in his attitude.

I grew up in Dandenong, I’ve been surrounded my Muslim’s my whole life. What Sam said is a massive generalisation and with the exception of a tiny minority, a screaming pile of ■■■■.

  • Adam Saad and Bacchar Houli want these conversations to happen. So whilst slightly off topic it is somewhat relevant to the Saad thread.

Interesting anecdote Ben and a great story. I mean that. Footy brings people together. I admire Saad’s and Houli’s determination and leadership. They both seem like great dudes.


Did you also know that over 50% of Muslims in the UK (not middle east) believe homosexuality should be criminalised?

Do you also know the punishment for homosexuality under Islam is death?

Did you know Islamic doctrine calls for world domination over all non-believers?

Have you heard Bacchar Houli greatest guy ever speak about homosexuality? I haven’t…cause he can’t have that conversation. Does that mean we can’t have that conversation? Is that taboo? Saad and Houli brought attention to the issue, so we should talk about it.

I find it ironic that they are 2 of the AFL’s morale signalling calling cards yet they are greatly opposed. What I also find interesting is how kind the homosexual community is to other minorities including Muslims, but if those homosexuals where living in many Islamic countries they’d be dead. But this same homosexual community has more hatred for western culture which has afforded them the rights they deserve.

It’s a symptom of a morally confused leftist agenda which has lost the battle of ideas because they have no idea. Their arrogance and sense of morale virtue blinds them from objective truth.

Which brings me to the AFL.

The AFL head office are full of wretched greedy pigs who somehow believe it is their job to tell us how to think. The rest of the world is already telling me how to think and be ‘politically correct’. I don’t need wankas at the AFL telling me what to think. I have enough lefties using terms like “check my privilege”, “white privilege”, “toxic masculinity” and all of the other disengaging bullshite terms for the self appointed moralistic elite to use on me.


Do you do children’s parties too?


The only issue I have with that article on Adam was the following quote:
“For myself, I was born and bred here. So I’m a proud Muslim Australian,” he said.”

Why couldn’t he bring himself to simply say, “I’m a proud Australian”?

He had the whole interview to say he was Muslim, etc. If I said I was a proud Christian Australian and I said it that way all the time, you would all think I was some sort of fanatic. (I’m an atheist, by the way.) I would have the same view if someone said they were a proud Greek-Australian or similar, but never just said that they were proud to be Australian. I have friends from all different backgrounds and religions, so it’s not about that.