#42 Adam Saad


Is that you Nino?


That’s not surprising, it was obviously unders. Sounds like Gold Coast are willing to engage with the offer though. Hopefully the addition of this or next years third rounder would get it across the line.


22/24+Saad for 11 is still not a bad deal imo.


Next year’s first needs to remain with us.


If that deal goes ahead then i don’t know how we will get Stringer,


Not if WB wont take the 22/24 for Stringer


22/24+Langford maybe.


They were never going to accept that with 22 so close by.

Atleast it shows GWS we tried for GC’s 19 before we pass on pick 22 to them.

I think 22 is fair for Smith.

Got zero idea what we’ll do with Stringer though based on the above


Saad is the one i’d let go if trading in the three becomes too hard.

Give the dogs pick 11 and trade this years and next years second round picks for smith.

Saad is a luxury at this point.


Unders, but sent the message to the Dogs that we are not giving them 11.


FC will get Saad if we let him go.


We’ve specifically gone after them, we can’t afford to not get trades done for all of them.


You’re driving me farking crazy.


With what? How does the Blues beat 28?


Just checked you are right Carlton don’t have a 2nd rd pick.

Their next pick is 39


$50 says we f*ck it up.


Saad will make me hard


Would GWS accept 28 for Smith?

Pick 11 for Saad and 22.
22 for Stringer.
28 for Devon.


Imo GWS would accept 28 if they get Mitch Honeychurch.


In isolation, maybe. But 22/24 won’t be enough for Stringer so it is no use to us. Pick 11 - even if not used directly - is the key ■■■■ for us in getting Stringer.

No. I know you are desperate for some new toys, but no need to throw out all of your old ones just to get it done.