#42 Adam Saad


That’s not the point imo. I just don’t think we have the resources available to get all 3 into the club without having to dip into next years drafts.


Would gladly use next years second


Smith,Stringer,Saad are all better players then Langford wouldn’t be a huge loss imo


I think we have too.


With some 3rd hand GWS rejects?


Odds on we stuff it up

And remember last year when hawks stuffed it up and after the deadline and were allowed to let it go through? That grace won’t be afforded to us.

We’ll submit incomplete paperwork because dogs or whoever left it too late


Seriously if we cant land at least 2 of these players them we must sack everyone involved


Entering his 18th year is there any other list managers in the league that’s been at the one club for this long?


We could have landed 2 on Monday.

The trick is doing it so you land the 3rd.

But IMO 3rd should be Stringers


I have nfi why GWS would want Honeychurch. He’ll never get a game . It sounds like Bs.


I’d say we have a obligation to get all 3. Anything less would be a big failure on our behalf


It’s on the AFL website


Yeah I noted that. Still think it’s BS.


For our sake I hope it happens.


True. I’m not saying we need to get it done by Wednesday just hope we get it done


Stephen Wells has been list manager at geelong since 94, started working there in 84.




Is that in response to how long Wells has been at Geelong or in response to the fact that SplitRound knows stuff like this?


Yes, I totally just know that.
hastily closes google


Yes Wells at Geelong