#42 Adam Saad


Reckon the Saad deal will get done first then hopefully once that is done we will be able to get the other 2 completed. I am confident we will get all 3…took Hawthorn until the last 30 minutes to get O’Meara…it will be a rollercoaster ride but I reckon the 3 will be Bombers come the end of next week.


Well according to TR we have been in discussions the most with GC


Yep sounds like it…Saad in first then work on the other 2…we have a week to go so all good.


An interesting way to think about player worth, is to compare them to our own players (perceived) worth.
Smith - Walla
Saad - McKenna
Stringer - Fanta


Walla - Pick 1
McKenna - Pick 1
Fanta - Pick 1

Am I doing it right?


Before you were born?


More to do with the pick we might get back rather than Saad being our number 1 priority


Smith and Walla are not the same players. Maybe Green is the equivalent but Smith is far better than Green

Saad is better the McKenna but Conor may have more upside

Stringer and Fanta is a good comparison and i would say Fanta is better because he has a much better tank and a is better defensively.


To be honest I doubt he would have nominated us unless we had promised to give him far more minutes in the midfield.


Born 81.


woah there, at the moment THE STRING is streets ahead imo, premiership, aa, leading goal kicker etc


If Stringer was as good as Fanta with his attitude, tank and consistent output the Bulldogs would not be getting rid of him, regardless of off-field issues.


True, but if he turns it around


I’ll concede attitude, but nowt else


Not really comparing roles, but more ‘worth’.
Saad is faster, better footballer, Oirish a better kick (arguable) has more upside, has return home factor
Walla is slightly faster, more ‘freakish’, Smith is better mid, more consistant
Stringer/Fanta roles and traits similar.


Yep, if


Two clubs showed interest in Stringer, if Fanta was up for trade right now then half the league would be chasing him.


Once kicked 900 goals in a season while playing center half back for Jerusalem, all while keeping each and every other team scoreless. WSPHU.


If both fanta and string (problem free) were up for trade, string wins the popularity stakes in an absolute CANTER cmon


But in the end the umpires crucified him.