#42 Adam Saad


Not so much as a canter. He would win though.


CAS. I’m blaming CAS.

Christ Assassination Society. It was a godamn miracle he could play again after what they did to him.

Didn’t know he was still going around, still think WSPHU. Would allow us to move Hooker back.



Stringer would eat Fanta, he’s 6’3” or 6’4”, north of 90kg and plays basically out of the goal square as a small target. Fanta is about 68kg, sub 6 foot and works up as far as the wings and runs just as hard without the ball.

I’m not sure I see much of a similarity. That said, there’s not many guys like stringer around these days.


Yeah, welI won’t say this a 3rd time, but I’m talking about my perceived worth. Not roles. Not talent. Not hair colour. Perceived (mine) worth.


Full name Jake Stringer
Nickname(s) The Package[1]
Date of birth 25 April 1994 (age 23)
Place of birth Maryborough, Victoria
Original team(s) Eaglehawk (BFL) Bendigo Pioneers (TAC Cup)
Draft No. 5, 2012 national draft
Height 192 cm (6 ft 4 in)
Weight 92 kg (203 lb)
Position(s) Forward


11 for Smith and 23
2018 2nd rd for Saad and their 4th round pick
23 & 28 for Stringer & Dogs 2018 3rd round pick

Leaves us with our 3rd rd pic, suns 4th rd and our 4th rd pick in 2017 draft

2018 1st rd
2018 3rd rd
2018 Dogs 3rd Rd


It’s pretty good actually.


Under-valuing Smith there.
Smith is worth end of 1st/start of 2nd.
On fairy dust points, that makes him worth pick 37.


Apparently GWS have already came to us with that offer 23 + smith for 11.

2 days ago

ESSENDON has rejected a Greater Western Sydney proposal that would have seen forward Devon Smith traded to the Dons in exchange for draft picks.

Under the GWS proposal, the Bombers would have given up their first selection, Pick 11, and received the Giants’ Pick 23 and Smith in return.


Assuming GC rejected:
11 --> 19+Saad

I would still cheekily ask the question:
11+28 --> 22+24+Saad

Before capitulating to:
11 --> 22+Saad


GWS have already offered Smith and 23 I believe for 11,
Pick 23 or 28 could be used for Saad
Bulldogs won’t bite on 2 second round picks for Stringer, I think this will be our 2018 1st rounder, which is likely to be between 11 & 14, hopefully higher.

Stringer will play at least 150+ games for the Dons, we would take that every day of the week for a mid teen pick


I think you need to take into account that Smith is uncontracted, is leaving GWS for a return to Melbourne, was not even selected when available in their last final and partly selected Essendon because of our recovery facilities - he has a dodgy knee.


Hard to argue with that then. Except that we want to beat pick 20 of Geelong.


Surely 23 + 28 trumps pick 20.
you get 2 bites at the cherry.

or put it another way.
If we offered the cats pick 23 and 28 for pick 20 they would do it in a heart beat.


Yep, fair enough, that does change things a bit.


I did say 'beat pick 20’
Dogs want something in the 1st round - they’ll probably settle for value between 15-19. You’re probably right - only reason they wouldn’t accept that is pride and hubris.


Dogs could then package those picks to get into the first round possibly.


Geelong all but declaring they won’t part with Pick 20 for stringer… I really can’t see a club paying more than a late first rounder for him.

So does that mean that dogs soften on taking pick 22 etc… and then we make the trade for Saad as apparently already tabled?

I’m confident the parts will all fall into place.


Im all for trading next years second rounder to Suns or GWS as they will be more interested in that for academy selections and Suns already will get plenty of picks this year.


11 28 next years second (2006 plus however you value next years second) for 19 24 Saad (1733 plus Saad)

19 Stringer
24 Smith

Allows GC to stockpile one of the many second round picks they have (and/or will receive) for next years ‘superdraft’ and gives them another pick before the draft ‘drops off’. If we could swap 46 for one of 35 or 37 that would be choice.

Seems that we believe pick before 19 is as far as we can push the Dogs. Given the media has said pick 15-20 and were speculating on pick 20 from Geelong for him, would seem to be fair value.