#42 Adam Saad


You did say roles and traits

And also that you weren’t comparing roles.

I need beer.


I say a lot of things.
Most can be safely ignored.


Of course, they’re saying that’s because it won’t be enough so why bother … you kind of left that bit out.


Well I didn’t get that vibe exactly. It more sounded like a club who doesn’t deal with tosspot clubs and they heard what WB were asking… and pretty much went yeah but nah.

I thought it sounded more like the concept that Pick 20 wasn’t on the table and they were under the impression that pick 20 wouldn’t get it done which is laughable.

Anyway doesn’t really matter but WB are really looking like idiots.


Now if we can just get this deal put away this arvo as well, it really turns the heat up.


Apparently we have offered pick 29


Apparently GC are considering an offer from Carlscum too


They can consider it all they like, if Saad says no, only Essendon it doesn’t matter what others offer.


Saad would be a good fit at the blues with Docherty to play more midfield and Simpson to retire at the end of this year.


That is true - however I do recall some dialogue from the Saad camp that the main motivation was to get back to Melbourne for religious / personal reasons, and that he would be open to playing for another club other than the Bombers - as long as they were Melbourne based


We will still get him.

Blues don’t have a second rounder this year IIRC at present and also after Kennedy.

Also Saad and family are mad bombers supporters

Fark Carlton


Just checked and you were right.

They have picks 3 and 38.


Carlton won’t get him. They’re there to place pressure on Essendon (and they’re annoyed that they’ve missed out on Rockliff, Smith, and Saad).


GC: "It’d be nice to get more than Essondon’s second round pick

Carlton, looking sinister and calculating: “we’d love to help you out and stitch up Essendon at the same time.”

GC: “ok, let’s hear it.”

Carlton: “… pick 38?”

GC: “anyway, where were we…”


Carlton could use next years second which we all know will be in the low 20’s of the SUPERDRAFT.

That’s a lot more than we’re offering.


I think all the players who have requested a trade (and managers) say the right and nice things so they come across as not being total mercenaries and ■■■■■■.

For example phrases like:

“He wants to make sure the < old club > gets a good deal and a fair trade” - when really he couldn’t give a toss.

"It really is only about <family/other reason>, he just wants to get back home to " - when really he has already agreed to a deal with a certain club.


100% the deal between the player and a club has been agreed upon before a player publicly nominates. It’d be too risky to do it any other way.
Too many players would end up like Xavier Richards


Which they’d need for Kennedy who has actually nominated them


Gold Coast are known for being complete idiots at the trade table… just one of the reasons why their pathetic club will never go anywhere.

Deal will get done eventually after much needless debate of 2-3 spots in the draft.


The sooner we get the Saad deal done the sooner we can bend the Doggies over.