#42 Adam Saad


With our 2018 first round pick sitting on the shelf in the background… (or at least a visual representation of it…)


Im most pleased about this one, not just for us but for this young bloke.
Signed up to the club he loved as a kid, back close to his family, support for his cultural and religous believes.

It really is a feel good story.


Just watched the highlights.

We don’t need to get big bodied midfielders. We just need midfielders who can block and shepherd so Saad can run through the midfield.


The happiest Saad face ive seen.


Needs more ‘flicks away a cigarette’


Be assured my good man, that post was a way way way watered down version of its original draft


Geez, he likes to “shoot the gap” a bit doesn’t he! Threads the needle between defenders and shoots off. Would like to know how often he gets caught, which you obviously aren’t going to see on a highlights video.


Our transition out of defense has been an under stated concern for our club, since losing Fletcher, Hibberd and Hooker out of defense.

It’s a pretty important trade, this one.


Fast absolutely, but also very very elusive and unpredictable in his running patterns.
Will run right through a cluster of 3 opponents and they cannot touch him.

His form line shows he was on a steep rate of improvement up to the end of the season, and given that he now feels like he is “home” I expect that form line to continue. Lots of upside in this guy.


And if they focus on blocking Saad, Connor will tear them to shreds. And vice versa


Next year’s first round isn’t off the table in that if Bulldogs trade us their 3rd round next year they can then get our first round, but I doubt that Dodoro will be trading it


Which is fortunate.



A man after my own heart.

I shall be visiting both those distilleries in the next month or so I believe…


sounded like we were really hard to deal with


Marty pask seems like a pretty decent bloke imo


Get this thread to the Dustin Fletcher Hangar!


Minimal Fuss



saad seems like the nicest bloke from the 2 minutes of interview i’ve seen him in.


Shout out to the social media guys who get all the videos on the website so quick. Love it! Listened to some commentary about how Melbourne had next to nothing on their website when Jake Lever came on board.