#42 Adam Saad


Maybe we could try putting on blocks for the guy and creating some room for him.


Bit hard when the only time you go to him is in desperation that he can get your out of the ■■■■.


I want to see him try and run the entire length of the ground


I can’t think of being in a more frustrating position than Conor or Saad’s at the moment.

“Hey guys I’m going to go for a run and take the game on…oh you’re all behind or next to me and not even bothering to shepard either. Guess I’ll do a dinky kick sideways because it’s either that or get caught. Nice.”


conor should’ve ran the length to score the goal. ■■■■ setting up a teammate, all they’re gonna do is shank it or drop the mark.


I love when this guy gets the ball in a tight situation and just puts his head down , tucks the ball under his arm and backs his pace in to get himself out of the situation. Exhilarating stuff.


Reckon they did that a bit better today and hence he got himself free a few times. Thought he was excellent today, a real weapon.


“Look at those little pistons pumping” lol Sandy Roberts


Couple of lose line breaking runs were important today. Really good game.

Can’t coach speed, excited when he gets the ball.


A week is a long time in footy.
Donnington please, make your mind up


People put on decent blocks for him yesterday and also had a semi-competent forward structure ahead of the ball as well.

That’s why we traded for him.

Best half back in the game when he is in form.


He and McKenna both played well.

Makes a difference when you have players all working for each other.


That’s a massive overstatement. He’s not even the best halfback in our team.


Glad we finally got to see Saad take it off HB run hard deliver to another HB Bagley who handed it off to our other HB Mc Kenna running full pace for one of those dead straight beautiful kicked running goals of his.


Assume he gets a Ramadan fasting dispensation on match day like Houli.


All religious observations are optional, they’re 100% voluntary and non-compulsary.


Pretty tough to be the best when we’ve got 15 of them.


He takes everyone on, He’s so ■■■■■■■ fast.


That play when he spotted up Raz (Was knocked out of play by defender) Unbelievable.


Seemed to be carrying an injury for a few weeks from the pies games to hawks game.
Form started to improve 2nd half against blues and played a solid game v cats. Might be close getting to his best.