#42 Adam Saad


Did you just say he’s too fast?


He has one of the best “sidestep and go” I have seen.


All Half Back Everything


I thought you were going to suggest put blocks ON the guy so he doesn’t go so fast.


It’s resistance training, so that when you take them off he’s even faster


Top guy, Adam!


Was BOG for mine. His impact off half back was immense.




Starting to see his best


How good was the two bounces running an arc under pressure on dewy ground out of defence


Adding him to the conor honours. Totally stealing kicking techniques from the one and only. Same with zachy


such an exciting player to watch


Donnington pls… pls continue your excellent posting on this excellent morning.


Can see his teammates just look for him at all times now and back him in to create further up the ground.

Seems to have gained his confidence and looks integrated into the team along with Stringer and Smith and it is no surprise that the team is performing the way that it is the last two weeks.


Doesn’t mind a mini don’t argue to help get that extra step from an opponent


fine game tonight.
won most of his one-on-ones and continually gave drive out of the backline
one of our few winners tonight


Would be 1000 better if we played a forward line so he could kick it to someone when he breaks from the back line


Was very good tonight. Love that he always backs himself.


One of our few winners. Really excellent tonight. Puts in defensively, then off he goes creating.