#42 Adam Saad


Yes he won plenty of one on ones but his ball use was terrible tonight.

I like him a lot because for a small he can still kill the ball in the air but he really needs to lower his eyes once he gets free.

Turned the ball over way too many times.




Are you sure you’re not mixing him up with guefi’s or Hurleys disposal??

I didn’t think Saads disposal was that bad at all.


Saad is KMs new Darcy Parish


Not at all.

He was skying them to nowhere most of the evening.

I loved his game overall because he puts in 100% but his composure was well off the mark.


Blooody good game. It helps that for some reason the umps don’t punish his legal defending against much taller players.


He had 8 turnovers from 22 possessions.

I suggest you go back and have a look.

We lost all impetus coming out of the backline in the first half because Saad was rushing his kicks even though he managed to work himself clear.


Been a good month from him. Agree with his aerial prowess for someone of 178cm. His teammates really need to block for him and allow him the time and space needed to break the lines. Often gives off a hand pass, gets it back and runs into a dead end. If he got some shepherds he could cut teams open.


Saad had a great game. He looks much more dangerous as a high press defender. Love watching him break lines through handball chains and delivering with that kick.




Also have a look at the lack of blocks his team mates are putting on for him. They should be decking the blokes ‘legally’ and give him a chance to find a target. For a long time Essendon have lacked a physical presence and a team first approach.


Fair call but when free he was bombing it rather than picking out free players.

I loved his game overall but from where I was sitting Saad really stood out in the first half for turning the ball over when we were running forward of the play.

It was effectively what we were doing three weeks ago and getting punished.

I don’t mean to be over critical of a player but I really thought he messed up a lot of his own brilliant work.


I do remember a few times where he did round the body kicks straight to the opposition, but I love it when he backs himself, it’s great too watch. Let’s hope ‘SS&S’ don’t go too Essington by the end of the year. Three of our very few shining lights in a bleak year.


Yep, he did a lot of good tonight and I think he’s been good most of the season.

As I said I still love what he brings but there was most definitely periods early where we broke free and Saad undid a lot of good work.

I’m confident he will bounce back next week.


Nah. He takes off, looks up and there is no farking one to kick it to


Plenty of times he had men alone but chose to belt it long like Myers does.


Best I’ve seen him play.

Think he has potential to play up on the wing or share wing/defence with McKenna.


Lots of players just belted it forward… it was our game plan last 2 weeks, but this week coaches let opposition have loose players back.


The 2v1 bump, collect and handball was :100:


Has been a positive. Well done to him.