#42 Adam Saad


If he continues his form over the last month or so for the rest of the year, he will be hard to ignore.


Saad like a player in Xbox where you get the ball and just run the whole way flat out and kick a goal.

McKenna is similar, but when you know all the party tricks to get around players as well


Saad doesn’t play in the midfield, so no chance of a Brownlow. Additionally, he plays for Essendon - so even less chance!


Didn’t make the team of the week…WTF!


Saad’s mesmerising runs through the middle of the ground fills me with so much joy/satisfaction. As he rockets past the opposition, it’s like watching a Marvel movie where the good guy defies physics and does the impossible. I find myself chuckling as he leaves them for dead. I can see now why some of the experts rated Saad the pick of the recruits.


Cornes put Myers on HBF. Convinced he didn’t even watch the game and simply looks at stats.


I go bananas every time he eye balls opponents and burns them with the twin turbo boxer engine


Rest. In. Pieces
Kayne Turner

Also, how easily did THE sidestep Thomas Murphy on the boundary ?


…and ineligible due to suspension.


Have I missed something? Or did you confuse Saad and McKenna?


His ability to hit targets while still at full pace is amazing.
Breaks lines, massive meters gained and causes a lot of accountability from opposition HFF.
Him and McKenna doing the same role and providing brilliant options to clear, and clear efficiently.


Gif of Ziebell absolutely paddling in the heavy going while Saad scoots by on a firm 2 please…


That little prick deserved to be crunched into oblivion


Was great commentary, too.



Chop chop buddy.
Get on it !




No, I’m suggesting that if he did feature in Brownlow favouritism, then I’m sure the AFL would find a way to get him suspended.

Tin foil hat on.


Can I borrow it when you’re not using it?


It looks quite fetching on him, don’t you think?


Remember when nick kommer was one of the quickest on our list? Those were the days