#42 Adam Saad


This place has gone deadset batshit crazy.


You are making the assumption that he actually takes it off.


Absolutely. The AFL would kill to get a muslim Brownlow medalist!


From way way back in this thread. Bingo.

and ha to FARK CARLTON missing out on him.


I love this guy


I pray to Allah that his hamstrings stay safe and intact. The way he accelerates and runs he pushes them hard.


Yep, i’m always nervous when he takes off


He’ll be right, … he doesn’t have Hamstrings, … he has Beefy ones.

Muslims don’t do Pork


if the whole team paid attention to this one of most basic skills and ways of supporting your team mates we’d take the flag this year, possibly next, but alas, it’s like twice a game :frowning:


He’s entire family are mad Bombers supporters if I’m not mistaken love that he picked us over Carlton lols


closing speed must be the best in the AFL (at least now that Cyril’s retired). Some of his leaping spoils are Fletcheresque.


Came off in the last quarter, is he ok to play this weekend?


Very unlikely to play apparently. Big loss.


Word is he’s still sore, inconclusive scans, likely to miss.


If he were to miss any game over the next 6 weeks, you’d choose this one. Hoping he still makes it but they won’t risk him against a depleted Freo at home.


Not worth any risk for him.

Weird that scans not showing anything.

Perhaps it really was a cramp/muscle spasm and it’s just not released for some reason.

Better than it being a tear though.


Gives McNeice one last chsnce before the cannon comes out.


for what it is worth


Bring Danny Morgan in.


Will be a massive loss. Been one of our best players this season