#42 Adam Saad


Thankfully countered by them losing Stephen Hill


Im sad


Who is the Red Sash? Is he like the Trade Phantom?


Still have Mckenna

Surley Francis gets his chance now


He’s a ■■■■■■■ wanker


Hes been on the money a bit over the years but i dont follow him. Only seen a few things he has said and its turned out correct


Not sure what francis’ chances have to do with Saad


I think Woosha has been reasonably clear (whether we agree with it or not) that Hurls/BJ play the role that Francis would take in the team. So unless one of those guys get injured for the moment I can’t see how he forces his way into the team. Certainly won’t be replacing our quickest rebounding defender.


The old ‘half-an-hour’ ahead of team selection inside info - TheRedSash must indeed be embedded deep within the inner sanctum to glean such sensitive material.


I mish Lyshp


I’m no fan of his, but he tweeted it 9 hours ago.

Having said that, I reckon I could have confidently tweeted it 9 hours ago based solely on the publicly available info


Well that certainly takes the edge of my barb now doesn’t it…


He’s an absolute dropkick.
A nuclear level tool.
He’s a member of the Essendonians, which is where he hears the odd thing.


You should see what he is like away from the keyboard.


Really? News to me, but i back the bomberblitz boys over him!
Wonder if saad may be a late out?


Well there ya go


Unfortunately I know.


The guy is a deadset defensive star. Comes in at the last minute, intercepts or punches away, never gets pinged by the ump despite the various angles he comes from.


The way he springs up is amazing


i think thats why hes so good, doesn’t give the defender the time to try and body him away. always arrives as the ball does.