#42 Adam Saad


He’s a lot better one on one than I thought.


His defending is as good as his attacking.

And his attacking is farking unreal


He is covering for a few slow guys in our backline. So many times he comes in to make a spoil against someone else’s man when they have been caught unable to get to him. In fact, our entire defence is playing so far off their opponent that only the quick ones can make up the ground when the ball is kicked to their forward’s advantage (and that sure isn’t Hooker or Goddard).
Do our defenders have to zone off all the time? I understand the concept when the ball is coming into a crowded area and you are blocking off the opportunity for leads, but when it is coming out of our attacking zone, and having pressed up, we are defending against a team running into space, it is not a good idea to give your man 5m leeway to run to that space.
Saad covered for a lot of loose defending tonight.


Harvey is our backline coach time to replace him with some one who’s recently retired.


I know there were rumours this week that he might not play and he was carrying something.

It might just be me being paranoid but did anyone else think he looked a little bit hesitant to go on his amazing runs?

Seemed to want to dump it off quickly and not get out of 3rd-4th gear at times.

Hopefully he is all good injury-wise.


Late in the game he looked totally stuffed to me


I think that is pretty accurate from appearance.

Probably a bit soar and holding back a bit. Still played a good game.


He copped a good thumping at one stage and was limping for a few minutes. Looked more like a corky rather than anything more sinister.


Hopefully it is just late season fatigue and nothing more serious.

Might be worth giving him a week off at some stage if we are still in the hunt for finals.


Yep, I saw that - also the same for Fanta & Walla, actually.


wtf do you all know you’re not in the club.


Were you even at the game? What would you know man.


I was at marvel stadium, but the announcer kept saying etihad stadium, very confusing so i left.


I have a really good mate who has recently retired. He would be ideal for the job, and could exactly tell you where to put your opinion of Harves.


Harvey is a failed head coach


Thought the same. Usually he gets he ball and goes for an adventure/run through the ground.

Yesterday he was handing the ball off quite quickly.


He is not head coach at EFC, so what the Fark is your point.

Some see James Hird as a failed Head Coach, Malthouse was a premiership coach who failed at Carlscum, and Ross Lyon, Harves replacement at Freo, has no better results with much better players.

In fact, our backline has been a success this season.


making a grand final is a way better result than mark harvey achieved at freo.


You could say that almost every ex-AFL/NRL coaches who was sacked failed. Very few leave under their own steam. It means not much in the greater scheme of things unless looking for a new coach.


Maybe, but Sheeds was sacked and you could not call him failed, and many leave to move to other clubs or just to retire gracefully.

Paul Roos, Leigh Matthews, Mick Malthouse, John Worsfold are a few who won flags and “retired” or moved clubs.