#42 Adam Saad


Leigh Matthews made it clear that he was sacked by Collingwood. How many times was David Parkin sacked?


Not enough!


I get you. Sheedy’s contract was not renewed so you could call that " paid out or let go" or “fired nicely.”

There are very few coaches who go out when they are on top of their game in the AFL, they choose to leave the game. From memory I think Lee Matthews did from Brisbane, Paul Roos did from Sydney but not too many others get too call it a day.


Bomber Thompson did from Geelong.


His closing speed to get to a contest to get in a spoiling punch - outstanding.


Someone should start a campaign to get Saad into the AA team, guarantee he’ll have a better balanced game than which ever BP they end up going with.


It’s not just his speed, spatial/peripheral awareness is insane. Love the guy.


Yeah Saad is definitely in the elite for his all round defender skills. In terms of value i’d rather his output that a loose defender who averages 25.


Maybe, but I would argue that Harves had them on the way up in 2010 and 2011 was destroyed by injuries to key player, then Lyon benefited from that is subsequenet years. I would also allege that Lyons should have won a premiership at St Kilda and then at Freo with the teams he has had, but he is a negative flog who will never win anything.


He had them “on the way up” in 2011 by losing the last 7 straight??


To be fair, he did have a terrible injury list.

Also to be fair, there are some stories that he mismanaged the injured players badly. And had a poor player relationships (which is what got Knights out). But I’m always a little skeptical when a manager is cut early about the stories afterwards, since the club has a strong incentive to justify their decision.


Pav reckons he lost his ■■■■ completely.

Frame it this way, if harvs had played 200 games for c*nton not essendon, would anyone on here defend him?


Yeah, I read the Pavs book. He was a back stabbing turd who ran off like a school kid to tell stories to the Freo Management about Harves.

If you ever get the chance to have a beer with Mark ask him what he thinks especially about Pav. Mark is a brutally honest bloke who takes footy very seriously, and he will tell you where he screwed up.

He is forever looking for new ways and methods which can also be a weakness as if the players can’t get the message then it is lost. He is much more mature and thoughtful these days, and I still think he is a good coach.


The idea that a senior coach who has been sacked is a ‘failed coach’ and therefore has less value than an untried coach is one of the most nonsensical comments that gets thrown around in here. Surely people understand you learn far more from your failures in life than successors whether that’s business, sport, relationships. Many of the best business people I know look for people that have been involved in a failed business, merger, float, large deal of some kind etc… because of the learning opportunity it provides.


i dont understand what exactly harves has done at the EFC to earn him such scorn?


I agree.

Wallsy is available and should be our next coach!

I think there comes a point where your self belief gets hammered beyond repair. At that point you start to doubt and second guess yourself, and you’re stuffed in such a high prrssure environment.


Undoubtably that would happen to some individuals, and some would be a better senior coach having gone through the experience. Presumably many others would never want that senior gig again but operate exceptionally well at assistant level.


Yeah and if that bloke never worked the Bombers, Hirdy would have coached two premierships by now.

If, if, if if if…


I know for a fact that when he was head coach at Freo, even when he had the opportunity, he never, ever watched other team’s play live on TV, even if Freo was playing one of those team’s the following week. Apparently not getting the FULL vision from being at the game live at the ground, made the exercise pointless in his eyes.

I find this issue incredulous, especially when you think he was the wrong side of the country most times to ever see his upcoming opponents play live anyway.

How’s that Saady bloke going, best HBF in the comp I reckon


The whole ‘one and done’ is something that is rather unique to our sport