#42 Adam Saad


Well - if I have NFI, conversation is sorted!
Good work :slight_smile:


The Saints sides Lyon got to grand finals were terrible*.
Such stars as Andrew McQualter, Raph Clarke, Brett Peake and Robert Eddy.

*not terrible, but the teams consisted of some top end talent (Riewoldt, Montagna, Dal Santo, Hayes, Goddard, Fisher), some below average types like Kosi, Gilbert, Clint Jones then the likes of Eddy and co


I’m not sure him not wanting to watching a game in a hotel room on a 32" screen with a group of other people is an indication of how he prepared for a game.


2 people, no group involved

It wasn’t that they were going to sit down to watch the whole game, it was he couldn’t even be bothered watching 5 minutes of it.

Honestly I don’t know why I farking bother putting in real stories that happened with actual people I know cause everyone prefers stories in here of a friend of a friend from inside the club told me this.

This is a real story that actually happened, & my mate from Sports Bet was gobsmacked that MH didn’t want to watch even 2 minutes of the game & he deals with footy players for a living.


It’s an interesting story. The problem is I think you are inferring too much from it.

You have gone on to imply that Harvey wasn’t a good coach because he didn’t prepare well, but the evidence you have for this assertion is that on one occasion, in a hotel in Darwin, he didn’t sit down with your mate and watch a bit of a game of football.

I can completely understand why Harvey might not want to watch the game with your mate at that time.

  • Maybe that night was his ‘football free’ night - work/life balance etc. He was away from home after all.
  • Maybe he sees no purpose in ‘watching’ a game. Rather he needs to ‘analyse’ it - stop it, re-play bits, take notes etc.
  • Maybe over the next day or so he has a scheduled time where he sits down with his assistant coaches and they go through the game play by play.
  • Maybe he’d spent the day before watching the other team’s past 3 games.
  • Maybe he has ‘opposition analysts’ who do the watching for him and they present him with a summary over the next few days.
  • Maybe he didn’t want to spend time with your mate. Especially, since your mate blabs to all his other mates.


Has said a few times year that defending is first with the rest taking care of it’s self.

Being able to defend 1v1 was the thing he needed to work on when he arrived at the club.


I have had it in for MH for quite a few reasons, & I don’t base it off this once-off occasion. My mate doesn’t blab, it’s his job to wine & dine high profile footy players & coaches, as they know as a gambling business, they get their money back ten-fold. He’s told me this one thing & I’m sure he knows heaps more re Carey, Schwartz etc which I’ve never been told a thing.

I’ve met MH on 2 separate occasions & both times he didn’t strike me as particularly bright. Meet someone like Kevin Sheedy or Bomber Thompson on the other hand, & they are inquisitive, lively, very intelligent, look outside the box type characters - it’s like chalk & cheese compared to MH.

Taking a leaf out of your book, doing things in point form:

  • not smart & being best mates with Dean Wallis says a lot to me

  • Knocked back the Doggies job in the early noughties for fear of failure in my book. He had already been assistant at the Bombers for about 6-7 years at that stage, so had well & truly served his apprenticeship. They had to give that muppet Peter Rohde the job instead who failed miserably but if MH had been successful at the Doggies he might have at least achieved what Eade did in 2008-2010 by getting the Doggies to a couple of PF’s.

  • As mentioned a zillion times, Pav said he can’t coach & even though Bacchus would take MH’s side over Pav, Pav did back Jobe & the Bombers during the saga & I find him an honourable sort of person. Ross ‘I’m good at coming 2nd’ Lyons proved that he was a miles better coach than him.

  • FFS look at our kick out strategy for the last few years. Hurley either kicking short to the pockets to Goddard, or kicking long to the 50 on the right hand side, so farking predictable, it’s infuriating

That’s all I’m going to say regarding MH, as I can’t be bothered getting into a to & fro, other than to say I still remember back in 2003/4 when my first argument on BB was DP telling me why MH would make a much better coach than Bomber T & I was sticking up for BT.


I’m on your side CC.
Harvey in the cannon.


By that detailed reply, one can only surmise that you have NFI.


Something about a current AFL coach watching/analyzing the upcoming opposition privately with a representative of a betting agency doesn’t quite sit right with me.

Remember Warnie and Mark Waugh and John the Bookmaker?

Probably a smart move to steer away from the footy.

(BTW I have no preference if MH stays or goes but the reasons given by CC are completely circumstantial, anecdotal and irrelevant).


I’d move MH into recruiting or VFL coaching (I think he’d make a good VFL Head Coach) I’d even consider getting him involved into our Next Generation Academy.

I’d be looking at Jarred McVeigh, Harry Taylor and even Luke Hodge (if we could pry him from BL) as potential replacements.


McVeigh could be good.

I don’t see the need to keep Harvey around if we do go with someone else.


Surely having Kelly there is helping matters. Our kick ins do seem predictable but we’ve also been getting it out of there pretty effectively. There’s some smart players in our back half, not just a couple of old heads anymore.


I know everyone believes that Hurley was best on against the Swans and rightfully so but I personally think that this guy was.

He was absolutely dominant in the second half across half back.


Early days but I reckon he is best small back we have had since Wanganeen.


I think that Conor and him, make each other better. Sides can’t control both of them.


His closing speed and his ability to get a fist in, it’s Fletcher like


It’s worth noting actually, that Hurley gave Saad quite a few of his possessions.

All night long: Hurley smashes into Buddy; takes the mark or collects the spill; finds Saad lurking nearby for the quick handball or chip kick; Saad makes some Swan look like a crab


Absolute weapon off half back.

Will collect his first AA soon enough.


Pav is a flog.

Nothing more satisfying than watching him ask my friend at Uni to do the group assignment on his behalf because he was busy. Only for her lecture his sorry @ss about her busy schedule and he can go and get farked. He sat silently like a little kid.

Toni kicked his @ss that day. Pure gold.

Guy drinks his own bathwater.