#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


Joe is in! Confirmed.


He’s back!!!


The AFL advises Essendon has included Joe Daniher to replace Zac Clarke in its side for today’s Round Five match against North Melbourne, to be played at Marvel Stadium.

At the conclusion of Round Five, the AFL will issue a financial sanction to the Essendon Football Club for including a player outside its selected list on match day.


Imagine the melts from the tin rattlers if the big fella kicks a bag



Honesty, if true, I don’t like the call. Reckon Goldy will get a hold of tbell around the ground and JD will be too underdone to be a real threat.


It’s a massive risk.

I don’t know why they feel the risk is suddenly worth it. There is a whole season to go.


Get around him. Joeeeeeeeeey Baaaaaaaaaaby! Welcome back, son.


we’re rushing him back again. why not draper??


Why not Draper??

deserved to be said again.


Not sure if legit


Hams in as well in a debut.


F*** yes.


If he was right to play then he should have been picked - this seems ham-fisted (pardon the pun). Its a massive risk.


Say what you want my about Clarke’s individual performance over the last two weeks but you can’t argue with the results the two ruck structure has got against two of the comp’s better/best rucks.

Changing that structure seems completely unnecessary at this point and has more than a hint of arrogance about it


Goldie is a shadow of his former self. No Gawn or Martin. Saying that, Belly has looked cooked as well. Still building his fitness. And let’s not forget how good Joey is. Joeeeeeeeey Baaaaaaaaby!


If Draper played today, who is/are the other rucks for the VFL side tomorrow?



Injury to Clarke forced this hand.

Daniher would ruck a full VFL game with Draper out, no?
Prefer he didn’t do that.


This won’t end well.


yeah…and then picks Hams to play his first game in front of them