A thread about rain and no other things

This is sensational rain after an incredibly dry last two months.

Most suburbs already up to 15-20mm for the event with a lot more building up the north/north-west heading across the state. I reckon we will get double that come tomorrow morning.

Welcome Autumn.

We really needed this.
The good news is we are going into neutral ENSO and may be headed for la Nina again. Several years of la Nina built our water storages up over 90% and if winter and spring rains are normal, or above its more good news.

Looking further afield in California, lack of rain was chronic due to the years of consecutive La Ninas. One year of El Nino rebuilt the snowpack and their reservoirs are in good shape now.

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Rain very welcome. We have 32,000 L of garden water tanks. Just down to the dregs before this. Steady and the radar suggests hours more, so will be surprised if we don’t crack 50,000

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Despite a dry two month period, Melbourne water shortages still looking very healthy for mid-Autumn…

We know major annual increases usually occur between July-October.

The second lot of showers was heading straight for us, but got near Hamilton and moved east. So still bugger all.

Tank is running down. Next door has 20,000l and had to buy water late last week.

I can confirm rain and nothing else.

One issue is that the storage level of Thompson, our biggest dam is now 97.7 % : with winter and spring rains as expected, its going to hit 100% and spill into Bass Strait.

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26 mil here in Geelong and still going.

The whole country’s moved to Geelong?


Sensational 24 hour totals.

I think a few of those rain gauges in the eastern suburbs need to be looked at because there’s no way a 1km difference (given the consistent rain we had) could see totals range, in one example, from 5mm to 60mm …

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I’m going to go on a limb and guess a car got stuck in Dudley St at some point yesterday.

Because I don’t think we can have decent rain in Melbourne without that happening.

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In Melbourne, flash flooding events have caused road closures, with one driver getting trapped in waters near the Dudley St underpass.
Fire Rescue Victoria responded to the scene to find a man trapped in waist-high water in his car.
“The man was not confident that he could get out of the car,” a Fire Rescue Victoria spokesperson said.
Dudley St is closed in both directions under the overpass, as well as northbound lanes on Wurundjeri Way.

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Forecast spot on for a change down here. 1st decent drenching in months.

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41 mm here in Geelong, my avocado tree is as happy as a bombers supporter.

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Beech Forest ended up with 27 mm. The south west has been a blank spot for rain for quite a while now, and even though 27 mm is not all that much, it was great to see water pouring into the tank again.

70 about right here (Eltham). About 20, 000 to 21,000 L into a 22,000 L tank! Won’t run out now. I was worried it would overflow the main tank before I could transfer some to the slightly lower (and also effectively empty) 10,000 L tank. Was right on the brink, but didn’t lose any!


We’re running at a massive 5.6mm since yesterday, although I’m sure the app’s rainfall measurements are taken in a shed.