A thread about rain and no other things


Not without threat of eternal damnation they don’t


Been raining solidly down here for an hour or so.


Rained here for a while early morning too.


Thread getting back on track.


We’re gonna rain on Collingwood’s cakewalk.


Very humid and wet on Cotai today.


I’m pretty sure it’s raining outside right now. It definitely isn’t raining inside so it’s still a bit inconclusive unless I open the blinds.




Not here


It’s raining here. They said 90% likely but it looks like all of it to me


Not looking like rain here…but give it time. I know they were predicting showers.


You’re not into quantum physics, are you?


Let’s bring the Queen out one last time and let her rain over us like the song promised.

Speaking of which, what does Noonan think of the proposed Port Fairy Mardi Gras?


Building his float right now.
“Noonan’s Nanas” or some such I believe,


Not much…in fact, nothing at all…I know the clown who suggested it…absolute ■■■■■■ who thinks he’s an artist and everyone else is an unsophisticated Philistine.

The town schedule is pretty crowded at that time of year with the Folk Festival, which people actually do want to go to. Sooner or later, someone else in a place closer to town will want to put on a big Folk Festival on Labor Day weekend, and big Winter Weekends, and then who’ll be complaining.

I haven’t run across anybody who supports the idea yet.

PS GFY @Reboot.


T o s s e r is banned…WTAF!


that and trainspotting



I have suggested the motto though…Putting the fairy back in Port Fairy.

Ran it past a couple of people at the coffee shop this morning…the people you’d expect to be against the idea were against, and the merchants are in favour.


it is