A thread about rain and no other things


Yep, and more due to hit during our game.


No it isn’t


the Channel 7 VFL cameraman obviously listened to you… to great effect


There should be a battle between you and @Reboot


I believe it’s raining.


You believe it is? Or it is?


Can’t confirm. Just my belief here. I hear something outside but who knows?


80%of my family is in Macau. The fish are jumping out of the water. Huge typhoon about to hit.


You know it’s serious when the casinos close…


Can’t stand the rain


It would be good to have some proper rain to write about. There’s been none in Melbourne for many months.


I’m cutting the lawn in 30 mins or so - after that it can bucket down for a few days.


Driving back from Melbourne yesterday evening, I copped some really heavy showers, maybe 8 to 10 of them, but not many would have gone more than 2 minutes.


T10 signal in Hong Kong - Fairly rainy and a bit windy - Feel zilch in the apartment - Frustrating these typhoons so often hit on a Sunday.





■■■■■■ hell.
I saw reports of 330kmh winds in Malaysia.
On one hand I wanna say, US…stop milking it.
But they have tornados hitting on the back of their hurricane, and tornados and saltwater crocs are pretty much my most horrible fears, so…


Maybe you should go for a first and invest in some soap!


It’s the English ancestry.