A thread about rain and no other things


Gee, someone’s trumpeting how good their thread is.



I didn’t cotton on.


Wet less here also


I see a pattern emerging.


There does seem to be a certain commonality weaving through it.


I knew a comment like that was looming and and I didn’t want to be weft out and have to weave.


Record rainfall in Japan this year.

Parts of Western Japan received more than 1,000mm of rain in July (alone) this year.

To put that in perspective, 70% of Australia receives less than 50mm of rain per year. And believe it or not, Perth receives 733mm per year, Melbourne (663mm), Hobart (614mm) and London (557mm).

If you visit Japan in the summer months (especially June-July), bring a raincoat and hope you don’t need an inflatable dinghy.


No rain in Melbourne today. Instead of rain we’ve had the most glorious sunny day.
A seriously marvellous day, free of rain.


Hmmm, I’ll allow it


Unlike Sydney…they’ve had a motza the last couple of days.


27 and glorious sunshine.


Emptied 52mm out of the gauge this morning and has been raining fairly consistently this arvo.
It’s good news for us as our tanks were too low for my liking. Still need more


Strange rain patterns right now.


First real rain during the day today this season up in Darwin.

Can confirm.


It is raining in Footscray at the moment.


It is weird, coming down from the north like that.
Better bring the laptop in, just in case.



I’m in the Otways…1 or 2 mm. Feeling a bit ripped off


WTF Monday?