A thread about rain and no other things


Does not belong here. There is still time for it to come around.


Il se pisse ici.





Been like late Summer down here the past 2 days.

Warm, Humid, short strong Rain dumps, Thunderstorms, lightning, the whole nine yards.

Been having to remind myself, it’s only mid October.


Do you have a parade?


More likely to be a Spencer Tunick photo shoot if it involves rain up dates.


Ah … … … the handstand shoot


Yeah, it’s a real crack-up that one.

Ever noticed how a bloke who photographs nude people has a name consisting of two items of clothing?


Rained overnight in Melbourne.


nope, a wedding day.


Not a lot. The last few days have been lovely for the garden though.


I just saw the outside pavers were nice and wet this morning.

Anyway - lots of new green growth on the plants, plus the veggies and rose bushes are looking healthy. This being due to the rain of course, SMJ.


I was the Fark Carlton creator and yet this thread will always be my greatest contribution to Blitz


it rained in smithton and everywhere got wet


Some hope to maybe achieve one good thing in their life.

Some actually do a GREAT thing in their life.

And then there are those rare individuals, those giants of history, who ACHIEVE GREATNESS TWICE.


That post is lovely, but it’s not really about rain, now is it?




Was in Warrnambool at lunchtime. Absolutely urinating down. Halfway back to Port Fairy…dry as a dead dingo’s donger.

It had rained a little in the morning here but that was rain in the Bool.


Finally got some rain in the Otways…over 25mm, so happy now :blush:


“The Bool”

You uber cool local you