A thread about rain and no other things


I’ve heard it called Warnie, which only bogans use.

Funnily, official Warrnambool rain measurement was zero. ■■■■■■ if I know what got my car very wet.

I’ve seen a book called The Bool, but mainly about the race week in May each year.


Too much information!



Knew it would come good


Looks like Chopper doing the weather forecast on the Ronnie Johns Show.





Was going to do gardening but the rain may have put a stop to that.



Actually needed to put on a wet weather jacket to go for a walk this morning and it’s still raining.


I find it interesting that a good Warrnamboolian like @Alan_Noonan_10 is so particular about grammar, when most of them there speak a very bizarre type of English…


Proper English in Port Fairy though. Haven’t really noticed too much peculiar about Warrnambool, but I don’t listen to Tom Ballard or Dave Hughes.


I’m on a beach holiday and it’s raining. Maybe the only time ever I don’t want to be posting in the Rain thread


That’s a shame.

(ha ha ha ha ha ha)


Are you worried about getting wet while in the surf?



A bit of Sting this afternoon.
Shadows in the Rain.


We’re supposed to be getting some actual rain on Friday. I’ll believe it when I see it. And feel it.





I assume the gusts will settle down when the rain comes in.


Fingers crossed.
Normally I have no issue with all the dust etc but this year I’ve been comparatively bad for some reason.

Also, I never thought it rained a lot in Melbourne until I took up skating at the start of the year; now it feels like it always rains lol


We only had five days of rain in October, which I think I heard is supposed to be our rainiest month.

Yeah, thunderstorm asthma warning today.
Had a few come in between 4-7am.
It’s not going to be (forgive me) the perfect storm for that like it was a year or so ago, but people who get asthma will notice.


Yeah I don’t think it actually rained too much in Oct, more one of those scenarios where you feel like it rains every time you want to go outside and do something but in reality it probably doesn’t haha.


Looking at the radar, it appears that a huge amount of rain passed over the top of us without actually dropping any noticeable moisture.