A thread about rain and no other things


just enough rain to wash the dirt in to my rainwater tank.


It’s called a cloud.


Is that right? I’ve never known how the radar works, but I assumed it was recording actual rain, not latent or potential rain


No, it measures rain or occasionally other disturbances such as thick smoke. Clouds don’t count. You just got lucky/unlucky not to get splattered on. On my ride to work there were large but relatively sparse rain drops, which I speculate show up more strongly on the radar than they deserve to.


Note that the radar does not “see” clouds, as cloud droplets are too small, but does see the rainfall which those clouds produce. These areas of rain “seen” by the radar are often called radar echoes. The radar may sometimes detect echoes from aircraft, areas of smoke/ash from large fires, swarms of insects, flocks of birds or even the ground or sea surface, when unusual atmospheric conditions bend the radar beam back down to the surface. As a result, there may be patterns on the radar images that do not represent falling rain.




I absolutely thought the same thing.

Some of us just think things, though.


Sometimes the discussion here can be interesting and informative.

Not often though.


That’s Mr Wind Rose Nerd to you, good sir.


I think you also get a guernsey as Boomerang Nerd.


The two are absolutely linked.

Stupid summer northerlies are a crosswind on my cycle commute. Worse than riding into it.


It’s raining at the beach I’m at too.
Ironic on some levels.


Heading to Byron bay next Thursday. Perfect weather right up until Thursday AM. Then ■■■■


Should I hang my washing out? I fear it’ll end up up the street…


If it’s like what it is down here, you won’t need to go inside. The first washing you hang out will be dry by the time you hang out the last of it. Strong northerlies.


It also sees and shows Virga.


Send the rain here I’ve got a bushfire 7kms from my place.


Where are you at?

Also, bushfires in early November? Come on, planet


South Canberra.


Would anyone miss it?