A thread about rain and no other things


Presumably Heffsgirl would

@Heffsgirl, how did you go in the last lot?


No seriously I’ve never been to ACT.
All I know is jimmy was a native.


I wasn’t here when the last fires came through. The suburb next to me was hit with a number of houses lost to the fires. A lot of anxious people here at the moment who experienced the last fires.


I had a bit to do with the coroner’s report. Shocking negligence by the fire people who just couldn’t seem to believe that the fires would actually hit the city despite the absolute certainty that they would. The good news is that if you’re not in the first or second street, you’ll be okay.


There is wetness on the ground in Melbourne, suggesting rain has been about.


2.8 mm of it apparently.

It would be good if we got 2.8mm of rain every night between midnight and 5 am. I wonder if anyone’s working on that. With no other rain of course.


ahh - the perfect day Shelt’s. Sunshine during the day and good rain during those wee early hours of the morning.

That would be nice.


The garden is looking beautiful this morning. I know that’s a statement about plants, but their beauty is a result of the rain so I think it passes.


yep - got some veggie seedlings in yesterday so the rain is welcomed.


I got a heap of native trees in over the weekend so I’m happy too.


Hope we get some more rain today


Italy copping it in a bad way with torrential rains.


Surprised you haven’t concreted over the whole “garden area” and are just lamenting the rain that stops you hosing down the concrete.


Mild drizzle down here today on the public holiday. Rest of the week fine sunny 20 plus. Still going to make the most of it as it’s just me, the young bloke, the bikes and trails and trails of mud filled tracks down the road.


May the curses of a thousand angry Italians rain on you.


Yep, Venice of all places is actually flooded now. Saw a video of a statue going downstream


Bucketing down.


Here too. Although it seems to be stopping now. There’s a lot more to come according to the radar, but what would it know?


Just a pleasant light rain in MBark.


Slowly getting heavier in Mt Evelyn.
Dog wants to go out on the front deck. Dog is not going out on the front deck.