A thread about rain and no other things


The dog, who wasn’t going out on the front deck before, is not going out on the front deck even less than that now.


The red bits will miss us, look like they’re going to go over the inner north


Races up ladder to clean gutters…


I’ll save you a bed.



Box gutters are the worst.



I don’t want to be a jerk, but I feel like the rain has been expected for a while.
Since the weekend, perhaps…


You’re correct. I’m a leave the exam study til the last day kinda guy.


I can confirm that the inner north has had several very heavy storms including thunder. Very light rain now.


Heaviest rain here in the Marsh for two years


Heavy storms again. Got drowned walking to car park at Bunnings.


Heavy overnight rain here. Quite pleasant now.



Pffft! Bugger all here…1.4mm or so…nothing since 9.


Copped it massively in Brunswick. Love it!!! Had the bins out and after it was collected, the lid was open. Bin was nearly 3/4 full of water

Easing up now


Rained so much here that I haven’t bothered to go out and get the bins. Been waiting for a patch where it stops…not even once.


I had the garden sprinklers set to come on this morning. It was raining so hard Mrs Doe couldn’t go out to switch them off.


At least your concrete will be clean.


I think you’re close to me from memory? Ringwood North? It has been pelting here all day.


Yep, though it has finally stopped.


So you got more than the average annual rainfall in a couple of hours?

Either that, or this.



Heavy rain overnight for the garden, and then a beautiful sunny 27 today for the humans. I love the weather up here!

And DJR, is that Wheelie playing the Alwyn Davey role?