A thread about rain and no other things


After the ACT bushfires no one was praying for rain, but it did rain quite heavily, stirred up the debris, most of the fire retardant foam and bits of charred dead animals got swept into the water catchments. Water supply was critical for some time. So, when the muck from roads gets into the drains , it can be a worry.



Enjoy the rain this morning you Melbourne people.


Not great for the traffic, but it does give everything a nice fresh feeling.


and of course I have the sprinklers to come on in 10 mins. It’s like taking an umbrella for the evening walk and it never ends up raining.

Oh well, garden will get a good soak.


Lady with a shopping trolley went to get on the tram in the rain, wheels got stuck in the gap. She tries to get trolley free and board tram, tram doors close on her and the trolley and… her large box of Krispy Kreme donuts fell to the ground spilling donuts everywhere.

You can imagine how impressed she was. She starts telling off the tram assistant on the stop whilst trying to board the tram again. Doors shut, and tram takes off without her.

Most of the donuts were retrieved back into the box - so if your work colleague rocks up mad as hell about her tram ride I suggest you skip the donuts, or at least the rain soaked ones.


They’re Krispy Kreme. Those things are hermetically sealed by the absurdly excessive glazing on them.

Also, they’re awful.


Instantaneous diabetes


Never had one. Never will.

Also never had Starbucks “coffee” (cough), … and never will.


unless it’s raining donuts, you lot can gtfo.