A thread about rain and no other things


It’s trying to rain, had a downpour of like 3 seconds.

Meh, boring


about to get off the 109 in city and it’s starting to rain heavily


Its raining. Quite a lot.


I wonder how Gown is feeling?




I heard he arcs up in the rain.


Oh I got it the first time


Jokes come in two by two.


Roads have turned into rivers.


Waiting for report of car stranded in flooded underpass in Footscray or South Melbourne.


In Perth this week. Feels like I’m missing out!


Not really. Came down a for a bit this morning around 8:30.


A mere 13.4mm overnight, and just intermittent showers this morning.


If the Ripping Yarns episode The Testing of Eric Olthwaite didn’t get you interested in precipitation levels, then nothing will.

And black pudding and Spear and Jackson shovels, preferably with brass reinforced handles.




and as if that bloke’s 2 plus metres tall. Must be the slope of the footpath…


It’s pis sing down here in Singapore


And in Melbourne. About 35 ml since midnight and rising fast


I love these stories.

“Motorist trapped by rising floodwaters”

Then you see the footage and it’s someone driving into very much static, very deep water.

Yeah, nah, that’s not rising floodwaters, that’s a descending car.


Only in Melbourne can 600mm be marked as a full metre.