A thread about rain and no other things


No wonder two meter Peter didn’t want to come.


65 mm here in Glenrowan since about 2am this morning. Water tank is filled, gutters overflowing. Fantastic! Looks as though there is a big block of storms approaching as well in a couple of hours…


Sunshine breaking through


Daily occurrence in Singapore at this time of year. Luckily the CBD has underground passes everywhere making going from meeting to meeting possible without getting wet. Getting to and from home with getting soaked is a little more tricky!


I’m supposed to be driving from Canberra to Melbourne tomorrow. I hope the rain stays away.


From the bottom of the dip. Not from footpath


He looks caucasian to me.


2 Metre Peter!!!

And hey if you look he doesn’t even come to up to the traffic light pedestrian button!!


There’s a swag of the Hume closed between Barnawartha and Benalla. You’re going through the worst areas. Might be worth heading west to say Tocumwal, and then dead south through Shep.


Earlier in the week we (Tasmania north ) were forecast for 20 mm + today, no rain at all so far

Same for tomorrow now down to .4 mm

Apparently now happening Saturday and Sunday.

Rushed home yesterday to do the lawns etc before the rains but nothing.

It has been a stellar year for feed for the farmers in Tasmania though already hay bailed and now going for the second lot, nearly feel embarrassed that we have so much livestock feed down here when only a month ago the mainland could not even feed livestock.
I don’t own a farm by the way just a few of my Train drivers do and they keep me informed.


on the 109 and it’s not raining


Haven’t had anything substantial since about 1pm.


Gives you an excuse to go Cooma/Cann River and up through Gippsland. It’s a zillion times nicer drive.


20mm in Invy since 9am, so nothing extraordinary.

Bit more on it’s way though.


Cann River really reminds me of the town from Deliverance. Good place to stop for a pi55 and get the fark outta there.

You’re right though that the drive is brilliant


And one of my cousins had a post on FB today espousing Inverloch’s good points. And now you tells me it rains.


Compared to the Hume, anything’s good.


Mate of mine taught there in the 70s. It’s like Deliverance meets West Virginia meets western Tasmania.

They don’t have a forensic unit there because there are no dental records and only one set of DNA.


No rain on the train either