A thread about rain and no other things


100 ml expected in the north on Saturday.
Wish I knew what that meant


On the train, a few spots, debatable whether it’s actually rain.


Our place got barely anything all yesterday and zero last night.

You lie, BOM


and they are training in the rain. Langford drawing up the water with his power and speed.




Looks like our weather is coming from the south-east at the moment…which is unusual.

Been hosing down for half an hour.

13.4mm to Thursday 9am
5.6mm to Friday 9am
Expect more today.


unusual indeed


I’m in glenrowan and no issues thus far.


They kind of had that issue a few years back, but it’s veen pretty quiet ever since.


Yeah, but still, … I wouldn’t be stopping for any metal clad hitch hikers just the same…


Thankfully i missed all that bush ranger business.

Can i add that monatgue street is a ■■■■■■■ nightmare of an intersection.

Probably worse in the rain.


I assume you mean coming off the West Gate Fwy. Depends on whether you’re going to the city or to South Melbourne. The bridge is the only worry and only if you’re driving a bus or truck.

Talking of which, did anyone see the bus driver jailed for driving into the bridge on the news last night? One of the owners of the company was 60s dual premiership ruckman, Don McKenzie. Doesn’t look all that well. I’d guess he’s about 80 now.



Decent downpour.


It’s absolutely urinating down here


Shocking visibility but not actually that much rain. Outer east.


Good solid rain in Laverton right now.


According to my weather app, we have just had 36 mm of rain in 15 minutes. And I believe it.


where is “here”?


Outer east? Probably near me. Where you based?

I’m just about to drive home from the city. Shocking here