A thread about rain and no other things


Had exactly Zero mm worth while working in Wonthaggi* for the day.

Nice change for the "Land of Wind & Rain"

.*Aboriginal word for that ^^


Hell of a lot of rain in Port Melbourne.


Pffft…sun shower.


Inner east


Mt Evelyn. But I was coming from Dandenong Nth (yeah, I know, I got some pretty cool ■■■■ going on)


yep - been out there for the last hour or so sweep the water away from the house/garage. Drains couldn’t cope with it.




Funny story - I had some friends from the UK staying with me earlier in the year. They borrowed my car for a free day and I told them they should go up to the Dandenongs because it’s beautiful there.

Half way through their day out they call me - “ummm there are no hills or trees or quaint little towns here, it’s just really flat with a lot of scary looking bogans”


Is it wrong to laugh out loud at the Porsche driver who got stuck in water at the Dudley St underpass?


Nope, … not, at, all. :smirk:


Not at all.

I hope it was a convertible.






Nah, not really. We get one or two of these every year.


Lucky we had Noah turn up just before this happened to make sure our Lads would be right.

The belief system of your choice seems to be really looking out for us of late.


The best


Funnily enough I was visiting a pommie in-law who is actually staying (with family) in dandie.
No license. No car.
Not even gunna get a myki.
Just hanging out in Dandie

Until April.


Again, it is erroneous to label it as caught.

The water was there.

You drove through it.

You absolute plonker.


I was in Mexico in December 2003. A local starts talking to us in Merida, “where you from” “Melbourne”, “oh, with all the floods”. We completely thought this guy was seeing us up for a scam, because Melbourne never floods.

Later we get to the internet cafe and pay 150 pesos an hour or something for dial up to find Melbourne actually is under water.

Completely unbelievable. It’s every year or 2 now, but even 15 years ago it wasn’t a thing. Global warming eh…