A thread about rain and no other things


Rubbish. You were doing some cheap watering of your concrete driveway.


Concrete garden, you mean.


The gatepost lions were probably thirsty.


All this rain has made it very humid.




Hailing here and the sky is dead set black.


We were there in November 2014 and every day for about an hour there was an enormous downpour. So much so that when the bus put its brakes on a pool of water would just fly over the windscreen. Where we stayed you could see Marina Bay Sands right across from us (probably 200m away) and the rain was so heavy you couldn’t see it through the window.

As you said, you can still get to alot of places as alot of the malls are connected so we basically could get to about 8km from the hotel without being uncovered.


Where? Nothing here so far. They have issued warnings for the North and the east.


Farking hell. I’m in a kids play centre as a result. Shoot me.


Started raining in Dandie.


Ringwood. Smashing down




We got a slight drizzle, that’s about it


We had a game on about 400m west of Warrnambool Station. At about 3.40 it started getting darker and darker and you could hear thunder but it looked worse up north, like Woodford or Koroit…then at 3.50 the backside dropped out of the sky for 15 minutes and thank you, linesmen, thank you, ballboys.


No rain in Brunswick today.

Fck Blind Melon.


Typical Brunswick - always being alternative and sh/t


And from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Kochi received 1,852mm of rain over an 11 day period in late June/early July this year. To put that in perspective, Melbourne averages 650mm per year.


rain in Kew

thoughts and prayers welcomed


It’s foggy outside.


I heard a cover version of this last week, it was by The Drought Breakers. :grinning: