A thread about rain and no other things


You should let him in.


not even the rain wants anything to do with people that live in brunswick.


■■■■ off you Brunswick haters


The only issue with Brunswick is the Green voters.

Rest of it is awesome


Oh ohhh, … about to get some crazy rain…


Thunder just woke me up, sounded like a bomb went off over the house.

Light show is incredible.


It’s not all about Melbourne, well it is but occasionally…

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen dumps more than half a metre of rain in north Queensland

By Talissa Siganto

23 minutes ago


Satellite view of Queensland under ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen|700x467 Photo: BOM satellite view of north Queensland under ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen at 6:00 last night. (Supplied: BOM)

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen has dumped “incredible” and “very intense” rain over parts of Queensland’s north tropical coast, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) says.

Key points:

  • Tropical Cyclone Owen was downgraded to a tropical low Saturday afternoon
  • The system has dumped more than half a metre of rain in north Queensland
  • South-east Queensland can expect rain on Sunday, but it’s not related to the tropical low

Since being downgraded to a low yesterday afternoon the system has tracked south-east and brought torrential rain and thunderstorms to several towns.

The heaviest totals overnight were at Halifax east of Ingham, which recorded more than 650 millimetres since 9:00am yesterday.

Just to the north of Townsville, Paradise Lagoon also received 212mm.

SES volunteers sandbagging a house|340x227 Photo: SES volunteers sandbagged homes in Townsville in preparation. (ABC News)

Nearby towns of Lucinda and Ingham recorded more than 390mm and about 300mm respectively over the same period, along with wind gusts of 100 kilometres per hour.

BOM senior forecaster Michelle Berry described the rainfall as “exceptional”.

“Some of these totals are just incredible … it was very intense, very very heavy and it is quite rare,” she said.

Ms Berry said the system was expected to continue heading south-east, and could potentially bring more heavy rain to areas between central Queensland through to northern Wide Bay by tonight.

“That system will move further south-eastward, mainly parallel to the coast today … a bit of uncertainty as to how far south it will actually move, that’s why we’ve got the warning,” she said.

Video: TC Owen made landfall near Kowanayama and Pormpuraaw Saturday morning (ABC News)

“As that moves further southwards it will combine with an upper level trough, moving over the state to actually extend the possibility of heavy rain through Central Queensland as well, particularly about the Central Coast, but also into the central interior into the Capricornia and even potentially the northern Wide Bay tonight.”

Inland areas including Moranbah and east of Emerald, towards Rockhampton, could also see heavy falls.

Flooding has closed a number of roads north of Ingham and motorists are being told to avoid travelling on the Bruce Highway between Cairns and Townsville.

Lucinda Ross from RACQ said 15 roads were currently shut and more closures were expected throughout the day.

“As this rain sets in, we do expect to see more roads go under water and that is why we are urging drivers to avoid any unnecessary travel,” she said.

Rain for south-east too, but not from Owen

Meanwhile further south, heavy rain is also predicted between the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast but it is not due to the ex-tropical cyclone.

“The south-east doesn’t miss out all together … we actually have quite a deep north easterly wind flow today and that again will combine with the upper trough and we could even see some heavy falls through the south-east of the state today particularly with slow moving thunderstorms,” Ms Berry said.

Tropical Cyclone Owen was downgraded to a tropical low at 4:00pm on Saturday, after making landfall south of Kowanyama with wind gusts of up to 170 kph.

The far north communities were spared from the wrath of Cyclone Owen, with residents preparing for a battering from a category four cyclone.


Rain was that bad last night half the garage flooded with water. Took 30 minutes to mop it out.



No servants?


After all our sloshing from last weekend I’m already contemplating giving the lawn a water tomorrow so a bit of rain would be nice.

Edit: We got nothing.


I’ve just returned from NZ and visited Milford Sound where on average they get 6m of rain a year (we were lucky, nothing but blue sky). That’s nuts when you compare it to Melbourne’s average of about 600mm.


Being in Milford Sound on a sunny day is very pleasant, when there is heavy rain or not long after is truly wonderous.




Its a common theme. When they see me in thongs and the backside almost out of jeans, makes them wonder about la te dah though. Beautiful place, some of the best beaches on the NSW coast.

Are you coming up here for Christmas/New Year?


It was absolutely pelting down around Lara and Little River as I was heading west this morning about 9am. Drizzle for a lot of the rest of the way.



Got a good soaking riding home (but was warm, so didn’t really care). I usually count the number of bikes seen on my commute and this was the lowest since 20 January 2017. Everyone’s nicked off already.


Over 100 mm in December so far. And 98 mm in November. Last year in December we had 128 mm. The long term average is about 60mm for each of those months. The gardens are loving it.



So are the weeds …:unamused: