A thread about rain and no other things


Too true. But at least with the soil damp they’re relatively easy to pull out.


We, on the far south coast of NSW, have also have had more rain since the destructive hail storm last weekend. Although, our annual rainfall is still under half of last year’s tally. So, for the past three years our rainfall has been dropping off each year.

Some older folk are saying,“What will happen if the Bega River which is tapped into an aquifer and flows mostly below the ground dries up.” I say that thought is not worth thinking about, until it does. It could be the stuff of nightmares, why put yourself through it? If it does, then panic and start packing to move elsewhere.


No rain in Melbourne for Christmas Day.
In fact it is a superb day.
Weather-wise, it’s a 10/10 Christmas day.
A glorious sunny blue sky.


Nudging 40 degrees this arvo and has just started raining here


Rain this morning


Not alot of rain but ■■■■■■■ humid as ■■■■ here.


Love the rain, always have. Remember in primary, would always wade through ankle deep water along the gutters on the way home. Love thunder and spectacular lighting as well. “Mother nature” knows how to put on a good show.


We need about 9 hours of carefully timed rain at the MCG. Pronto.


No rain in sight. Plenty of fkn Heat though.

Stay hydrated & cool today folks, especially the Concrete Junglers. :milk_glass:


38 atm here, headed for 46.
Perfect day for aircon, couch, and cricket.


WE’re so going to get burnt alive down here today…top of 26. Slip slop slap.


only a top of 31 here today. Should be nice.
Will be a warm ride home.


I moved this to the Climate Change Thread. Sorry.


Very warm in Hobart town atm, lots of bush fire smoke over the city in the last half hour or so, from a fire about 50k away, no winds as yet, but strong ones forecast, yikes




Well you certainly rained on the parade @theDJR

37 here at the moment, windy and climbing fast. I think I can see a cloud somewhere over to the west, might be the start of that cool change coming through later. :wink:

Looks seriously threatening, might be some decent precipitation on the way. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


43 and still climbing here.
Swampy doing it’s thing.
Good day for drying the washing


Some fucken bogan in speed dealers dropped a half lit ciggy right next to me in a carpark this morning.
What a ■■■■-knuckle.


What are “speed dealers”?


A brutal 18 degrees here. Was 24 early this morning, but has cooled off.